As the writers watched the April 9, 2012 financial workshop, we couldn't help but to want to throw a shoe at the television set? Why? Because the town board is, for lack of a better word...incapable. The town attorney has also proved to be incapable. We should refer Warren Replansky as Warren "Dumbplansky." He should stick to the one horse burgs that he normally represents rather than a town of the first class.

The writers at the HV News Lies identified many indiscepencies. Pehaps it's because Aileen Rohr is making attempts to cover her tracks by re-hiring Joanne Lown, the individual who made the considerable errors in the upwards of almost $1 million dollars but here are some facts:

Published on this site are the results of the 2006 & 2009 audits, in which Joanne Lown was employed as the bookkeeper. Not only did she fail to complete bank reconcilations, but made significant errors which was identifed in both audits.
In addition, purchase orders procedures were not properly followed and records were not maintained.

Enter the results of the 2010 audit in which indicated that purchase orders procedures were not followed along with other significant bookkeeping errors.

Apparently the town board didn't take into consideration or mention that Joanne Lown happened to be employed as the town bookkeeper until June 2010.

How many of those errors were made by Joanne Lown, who is now re-employed as an accounting clerk and in house office quasi fascist.

To futher support the argument that the town board is incapable of running a town, Aileen Rohr incorrectly claimed that the bond money referenced in the audit was for the Hyde Park Police and Court facility was used in 2010.  If she had checked the facts, she would now that the bond money wasn't used until 2011.

HP Insider
04/11/2012 5:38am

Rohr's behavior towards Peter Andros was horrid. This woman has proven, time and time again to be a very unpleasant person. Replansky is nothing short of a buffoon to whom the town pays $175 per hour. A Kakish administration just might start to look good.

04/11/2012 8:24am

The "publisher" of this site has to be the biggest loser of all time!!! Guess life in Hyde Park must be pretty boring for you to spend all this time writing angry blogs about politicians, the Langan's and whatever other bitter things cross your mind. Sad and pathetic behavior....guess that is why you choose to hide your identity. I would too.

larry the biggest loser
04/11/2012 10:02am

"Larry" must be pretty offended in order to feel so strongly to have to post a comment. Larry, advice for you. If you don't like tne topics on thts site, hen don't read the site and brush up on your grammers skills. You write like a third grader.

Screw Larry
04/12/2012 4:59am

I like this site, It gives inside info on how scummy the political people in this town are and the true motive behind their actions. If Larry don't like it, Larry can fuck off and read the funny pages to pass time.

Larry the Loser
04/11/2012 10:50am

Larry is at a loss without Mow and Curly. As far as angry blogs? Hardly. Truthful is more appropriate. Stick to your comedy routines, Larry.

know thy town board
04/11/2012 12:20pm

There is nothing sad or pathetic about providing information and getting the word out about the questionable activities of politicians. Maybe this was a person who was just fed up and disgusted with corrupt politics and feels the need to inform the public about what elected officials are up to. Either Larry is ignorant or he's upset that his bff's are the subject of this site.

What Lawyer?
04/11/2012 8:11pm

Warren Replansky appears to be a major mistake of the Rohr administration. He sits at meeting and asks what is he supposed to do. What do you think about submitting your resignation Warren, before you make more blunders that may prove costly to the Town of Hyde Park?

HP Observer
04/12/2012 5:35am

You forgot to mention the the other mistake was bringing back another incompetent, Joann Lown. It took the town more than a year to clean up the mess that she created. Aileen, has obviously toked up too much Maui wowie.

04/12/2012 7:31am

As expected a bunch of angry comments from the disgruntled Hyde Park nutjobs. Pretty embarrasing that your time is spent focused on creating this hate campaign. Get a job. Get a life. Find something better to do with your time. Or keep at it--seems very productive to spend your time bashing a bunch of barely paid local town board members. Who cares????

HP Baseball Mom
04/12/2012 8:42am

Not angry comments. Try truthful comments. If you don't like what is written on this site, don't visit it. It's your choice Larry.

Larry is not happy
04/15/2012 6:36am

We are sorry for offending you larry. Let me apoligize, Fuck off Larry!


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