I would like to take the opportunity to point out  a comment that a reader left on this blog:

Maybe you should LISTEN to what he says rather than trying to find fault! 
Thae he is licensed is a fact you confirmed. He never claimed to be  actively registered. And in NY there is no specialty, the exam covers all areas. But he has stated publicly that his specialty was electronics (electrical and
computer science).

Key word of this blog: He WAS registered. His license is no longer valid as it has since expired.  Note the reader wrote Mr. Bickford failed to mention that he was no longer actively registered when he announced his 'expertise' to those who came before the planning board. Perhaps that was a detail he should have disclosed as it is significant.  In addition, electrical engineers and computer science specialists do not have the 'expertise' in matters of civil engineering of which would involve site plans.

Food for thought: A comparison would be a MD who makes reference to this 'expertise' in the field of medicine and then it is revealed that he longer has a license to practice medicine. 
During John Bickford's tenure on the Hyde Park Planning Board he made numerous references to the "fact" that he is a PE. We have checked the facts and have discovered that there is no listing with NYS of a John Bickford that is current. If Bickford was formerly licensed as a PE, in what area was he licensed? Certainly he was not a civil engineer. Bickford used this imaginary credential to both impress and terrorize many who stood before the all omnipotent John Bickford during his reign on the Hyde Park Planning Board. John Bickford's pontification during this dark period of the Planning Board's history  are now legendary. Bickford clearly demonstrated that he was not interested in  the betterment of the community but was only interested in exercising his  grossly over inflated ego. We also have reason to believe that he too was in the  back pocket of Scenic Hudson, Winnakee Land Trust, Hudsonia and the National  Park Service. All of which are adverse to the expansion of the commercial tax  base in Hyde Park.

It is our position that John Bickford deceived both the town and manyapplicants with his false claim of being a PE. The man is in fact a fraud. The very least Bickford can do in the future is to keep his mouth shut after he 
issues a public apology to the Hyde Park community.
We applaud the Martino administration for not renewing Bickford to another seven year planning board term. Since Bickford's departure from the planning board, developers are more interested in coming to Hyde Park. The time that Bickford was on the planning board was agony for this town, other planning board  members and a plethora of applicants. 
Mr. John Bickford is so smart he takes up the top two slots of who's the Smartest Men in Hyde Park. However, in the following video tells the town board how it is...however, he is rather wrong for the following reasons:

1) Every town has either a tax collector or tax receiver, depending on its population. As a town of the first class Hyde Park has a tax receiver that not only collects town, county and state and special district taxes, but the school tax which are all grouped together in a lump sum known as your property tax. Town of smaller populations have a tax collector.

2)The tax collector or receiver collects the school district tax for the appropriate school district that resident lives in. The Hyde Park School District encompasses several municipalities, including the Town of Poughkeepsie, Clinton, Pleasant Valley and Rhinebeck as per the below map. So, the residents in the Town of Poughkeepsie that live within the Hyde Park School District pays their school tax to the Town of Poughkeepsie Receiver of Taxes and to be forwarded to the Hyde Park Schools. The $96,000 that Mr. Bickford incorrectly described as a tax is actually a 'pass along' that gets billed to the school district.

The additional tax collectors that collect school district taxes are those that are employed as tax collectors in the other towns mentioned above. That information and
further information on tax collection is found on the Town of Hyde Park website: http://www.hydeparkny.us/Government/taxreceiver.html

3)Mr. Bickford makes no sense in his ramblings about this non-existant school district tax collector and incorrectly referring to the 'pass along' as a tax. Perhaps he wasted three minutes  of the town board meeting just to hear himself talk. Let's hope he doesn't plan on running for the Town Board in the future.