Last night's meeting included a special vote to include a issue to be added to the agenda...the hot issue of the stop signs on Franklin Rd and the consideration for their removal.

The writers at the HV News Lies would like to present the readers with verifiable facts:

1) Yancy McArthur went before the town board to address the stop signs using the explanation that it affects the fire department's response time and requested the consideration of removal of the signs. The other stop signs that are located at the interesections of Roosevelt/Bill Reynolds and Bill Reynolds /Haviland were not requested to be removed. Yancy, who is a fire commissioner is lacking in his understanding of NYS traffic law that allows emergency response vehicles to pass through traffic devices.

2) One stop sign is located on Yancy McArthur's property. He did not disclose this information during the public comments. Rather another resident of Franklin Rd had to do so.

3) A traffic engineer, Bill Fitzpatrick, viewed the intersection and made his recommendations. However, Mr. Fitzpatrick's opinions were omitted and not mentioned by Bill Truitt. Where is this phantom traffic engineer and why hasn't he spoken at a town board meeting? Was this consultation just part of this Dog and Pony Show that Bill Truitt and Yancy McArthur are staging for the residents of Hyde Park?

4) Yancy supposedly had petitions signed, however, according to sources, he pulled the old 'lie and sign' routine. Yancy, a master manipulator, went door to door with several petitions that address various issues and has the residents sign them, only telling them only what one petition (the top of the pile) is for.  The residents were not properly educated on each petition that they were signing.

5) Bill Truitt claimed he completed his study. One should note that Bill Truitt is NOT a traffic engineer and while he is a police officer, he is not an expertise on the standards of traffic regulations. He made his recommendation to have two stop signs removed, however, an adequate traffic study was not performed. Furthermore, the plan chosen is one that he prefers. He did not take into the consideration of the wishes of the residents of Franklin Rd who allegedly signed a petition expressing their desire to have the stop signs remain as is.
6) Bill Truitt claims he received NUMEROUS calls from residents of Roosevelt Rd requesting that the stop signs be removed. How convenient that these phone calls are not documented nor are they able to be.

7) Per NYS DOT regulation, should an accident occur after a traffic device is removed, the town can be held liable. Which means the town can be sued for damages. Obviously, the town board, who ran on a platform for fiscal responsiblity, itsn't too concerned about potential litigation.

The question is, why is Bill Truitt concerning himself with stop signs when he promised the third ward residents that he was planning in bringing the Army Corp of Engineers to address the issue of flooding. The truth is, the Army of Engineers are not coming to Hyde Park...they only address  and are concerned with matters affecting navigable waterways. Since when was the Fallkill considered a navigable waterway? Is Bill Truitt planning on sailing a tugboat on the Fallkill Creek?

We at the HV News Lies are of the opinion that Bill Truitt is a blow hard and lied to the residents of his ward.

Aileen Rohr appears to be rather spineless by allowing Yancy McArthur and Bill Truitt to hijack the town board with such a frivolous issue of three stop signs. What kind of supervisor did the residents of Hyde Park elect??? 

Final thought: Bill Truitt with the reciprocity of Yancy McArthur can have three stop signs removed because THEY want them removed, what else will they be able to do (or destruct) in Hyde Park?