The writers of the HV News Lies received the above correspondence in the mail today regarding the bankruptcy of Jim Langan and Caroline Carey. The writers find it humorous that the return address is the 'Jim Langan-HV News TARP Fund, Staatsburg, NY.'

Whoever wrote this letter raises some very interesting questions regarding the possible deception that Jim and Caroline are engaging in with their bankuptcy case.

1) The Hudson Valley News is still in publication. This is in clear violation of Title 11, Section 724a of the US Federal Bankuptcy Law which states:

e)Before subordinating a tax lien on real or personal
property of the estate, the trustee shall--
(1)exhaust the unencumbered assets of the estate; and
(2)in a manner consistent with section 506(c), recover from property securing an allowed secured claim the reasonable, necessary costs and expenses  of preserving or disposing of such property.

The Hudson Valley News is currently owned by the trustee and under bankuptcy law this can only occur under a court order which there is none on file. Because the paper is still in publication, this means it is still producing revenue from subscriptions, purchases and advertising, though it may be at a loss. However, as the publisher and editor of the business, the revenue is not considered and listed as income.

3) Jim and Caroline have themselves listed as unemployed for the past three years. If that's the case then why has Jim been running around town with a camera and writing articles to be published? Why is his job description listed as 'Executive Editor' and Caroline's as 'Publisher' on the Hudson Valley News website. They are generating income from this business venture  (even though it may be at a loss), which translates  to employment and in their case, self-employment.

4) They have four employees listed on their site.  How are they being paid? Chris Lennon recently wrote articles in the latest edition. If the Langans are bankrupt, how is Mr. Lennon receiving payment for his services?

5) The big question is how is the paper still being published.  Someone is obviously bank rolling this venture and the printer must still be receiving payment in order for it to still be printed. 

6)The Langans are claiming that they possess $2500 in home goods and furnishings, however the photos of their interior decroating tells another story. The below photos are from google images online of their home address.  This house is a 5 bedroom/7 baths according to the realtor's website, so not all the rooms are featured in the below photos.

The Langans should be aware that an attempt to defraud the US Government in a bankruptcy action can result in prison time and/or a $500,000 fine.

The writers at the HV News Lies are of the opinion that the Langans are trying to pull a fast one in order to get their slates wiped clean.

And on a final note: If Jim Langan was really a presidential aide to Nixon like he claimed he was, he would be drawing upon his civil service retirement and not Social Security.