By The Hudson Valley News Lies Staff

We find it quite interesting that the commissioners of the Roosevelt Fire  District approved the honorary membership to Michael Dupree, chairman of  the Hyde Park Planning Board, at their March meeting. The planning board under  Dupree’s leadership gave their blessing to the proposed Violet Ave. firehouse at  their January meeting. This honor allows Dupree to attend the
coveted yearly  shindig that the Culinary Institute puts on for the Roosevelt Fire District each  and every February. Perhaps it’s time for Dupree to get his ethical compass  calibrated?

What would the Rohr administration do without Joann Lown? Why is that two  highly paid town officers, specifically attorney for the town of Hyde Park, Warren Replansky and town comptroller Tom Carey openly make reference to their  consultations with Joann Lown? Between Replansky and Carey the town is laying  out over $150,000.00 per year in compensation to these so-called professionals.  Why are they consulting and receiving guidance from a $35,000.00 per year 
account clerk? After all, was it not Lown who got the town into trouble with her creative bookkeeping a few years back? We believe that Lown is functioning way 
above her pay grade. Just who is running Hyde Park?

In case you hadn’t noticed, John Bickford, “The Two Smartest Men” in Hyde  Park has returned to town hall as an alternate on the planning board. After four  failed attempts at securing a “real” planning board seat, the
Magnificent  Bickford settled for a spot on the B-team. Bickford’s debut as a B-team member  was rather nostalgic, just like old times. Bickford didn’t miss a
lick with his  patented bloviating as to how much more he knows than anyone else in Hyde Park  on any given subject. Perhaps the title of “The Great Bloviator”
would be more  apropos. It would be a grand gesture on the part of the town board to make  available, to those on the planning board, as well as those in
attendance with  an ample supply of No-Doze, Jolt and double espresso shots during Bickford’s  bloviating sessions. Ken Schneider, representing the 4th Ward has  quite a way to go before he approaches the Grand Master of Bloviating level in  the Bickford tradition. Good luck, Ken.  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

At a recent Democrat function held in Hyde Park, the inside joke that  made the rounds was that the Hyde Park Democrats will always have a job as long 
as Jean McArthur and Ann Boehm are running the Hyde Park Republican Committee.  McArthur and Boehm inflicted more damage on the Republicans than any Democratcould ever do. McArthur and Boehm should get official recognition for their  efforts from the County Democratic Committee.

Speaking of special recognition, the pending question in the Hyde Park  Republican circle is “Who will receive this year’s Cannoli Award?’ That’s right  CANNOLI. This once prestigious award  has been reduced to a mere mockery of what it once stood for. It would behoove  any prospective recipient to promise to host a celebratory party for the  Democrats, just like past recipient Walt Doyle did four years ago.  
Hyde Park Republican Committee Chairperson Jean McArthur recently held a  Community Forum so that the locals may voice their concerns about town  government. A Republican source has reported that no more than fifteen people  showed for this meeting which was actually a dog and pony show for county legislature hopeful Justin Varuzzo to demonstrate how much he doesn’t know about county issues. The insipid Joe Kakish also was in attendance and wisely remained  silent, for a change. Whoever is telling Varuzzo and Kakish that they
have a  chance of winning in the November election is playing a very cruel joke on them.  This will be the second time that they have been played for fools by
their own  party. With only fifteen individuals attending this community forum, so much for  Jean McArthur’s ability to reel in the crowd. 

Perennial political loser Yancy McArthur was an attendee at the  Conservative Party Brunch on May 5. Was this McArtur’s kickoff for his political comeback and the beginning of his journey to the Governor’s mansion? Is this  McArthur’s “Impossible Dream”? Our sources stated that he looked lost and  bewildered. It was also reported that the thewless Yancy was working the room in what appeared to be a state of pre-programmed behavior, telling anyone who would  listen that he did not steal campaign signs last fall. Even though he admitted  to the theft on a police audio, he now claims that he didn’t mean it. Perhaps a  change of medication is warranted.

The Hyde Park Republican will relying heavily upon Hyde Park’s very own resident embezzler, James Kennedy Langan, as their primary political strategist.  Langan, as you will remember is a thief, liar, deadbeat and a
coward. Langan has  been chaffing at the bit to get a foothold in Town Hall. He attempted this with  the Hyde Park Police Department several years ago. Do the
Republicans really  want this individual whose history is marked by flagitious behavior rendering  unto them political guidance? We believe so.