Need look no further than the Facebook page of the Hudson Valley News to discredit Jim Langan's story of the Hyde Park PD potentially being dissolved.

Councilwoman Svenson wrote on the wall:
I do not know where these rumors are coming from, but the town supervisor and town board have been involved in no such discussions.  Supervisor Rohr released a statement to the press yesterday stating, "There has been no discussion nor consideration of dissolving the Hyde Park Police Department."

One reader wrote: Jim, I understand that these are not
necessarily "rumors" but, based on on the fact that "informal (and semi-formal) discussions that I referenced before have been taking place for at least 15
years.  Given that timeline I wouldn't necessarily call this "news" as defined by Merriam Webster which defines news as "a report of recent events."

Jim Langan, in usual fashion attempts to use Jim-Lingo to explain:
Todd- I am referring specifically to  information we have gleaned that these discussions, while ongoing for years,
have intensified in recent weeks. We just returned from a meeting at the Sheriff's Department about these discussions and will have more in next week's paper. One thing is clear. There is absolutely no discussion about dissolution. That misnomer came from Aileen Rohr who has not been privvy to the discussions as yet. 

Uh, and why wouldn't a town supervisor, past or present NOT be included in these 'talks'.

One reader hit the spot: I'm not surprised HVN is printing this. Every week you become   less reliable as a legitimate Dutchess County news source. You should stick to making tasteless comments about natural disasters.. Can we say Irene?

Mr. Langan reports in his online paper that 'discussions' have been ongoing to the HP Police Department being absorbed by the DC Sheriff's office.
This is a rather odd proclaimation, because in order to do so, the absorption of the HP Police Department would have to be approved by public referendum, which translates that the voters of Hyde Park would need to approve this.
 Without a majority vote, this will not happen. Is this another one of Jim Langan's fabrications? Like how he claims he was a presidental aide (which couldn't have happened per his history that is outlined in a blog on this site).
And why would the voters approve an absorption by the Sheriff when a new police/court facility was recently completed per a 2009 public referendum vote.

There is also another issue at stake...the level of crime in Hyde Park. At a town board meeting that presented the  2012 budget, Chief Broe gave a presentation with rather disturbing figures...Hyde Park has a higher crime rate than the City of Beacon. Larcenies along the Rt. 9 & Rt. 9G corridors make up much of that percentage.

Having the HP Police Department absorbed by the Sheriff's Department would leave Hyde Park vunerable for several reasons.

1. The county is experiencing their own financial difficulties which translates to higher taxes or a reduction of services. A reduction of services may translate to having less coverage on the roads. Futhermore, the police department being absorbed by the Sheriff's office would result in either more deputies being hired or overtime pay being paid out because they would be needed to respond to the calls in Hyde Park (and its high crime rate).

2. Sheriff Deputies respond to calls throughout the county. If assistance is required in another area, then deputies will be pulled to respond, leaving the area with minimal coverage. 

The writers here at the HV News Lies are of the opinion that Jim Langan and Co. are full of doo-doo. He's still resentful about not being appointed to the Police Advisory Committee in February of 2010 and harbors bitter feelings.