Like her very good friend Jim Langan, Sue Serino has a habit of not being very truthful. Let's see what untruths this week Sue Serino hath created.

1) Sue Serino states she wasn't involved with the budget process this year. Wasn't she present at the budget meetings? (Unlike last year when she missed three meetings involving the budget) Didn't she vote and even provide a motion in favor of setting the dates at the October 3rd meeting? If that doesn't define being involved then I don't know what does.
2) Sue Serino likes to talk about reducing the budget through cuts, but has not provided any input as to where the cuts should be made. Remember her talk of going through the budget line by line? Well Mr. Taylor stated at a town board meeting that she met with both him and Ms. Zagorski but somewhow couldn't provide any input about those cuts she likes to talk about. Nice grandstanding Sue.

3) Sue, like her good friend Mr. Langan likes to stir up the masses by creating false hysteria.  She has placed calls to the Hyde Park residents on three seperate occasions urging them to 'fight the power.'  On Monday's meeting, it was overheard in the lobby of Town Hall by several attendees that there were there because Ms. Serino urged them to attend to protest the budget (remember she couldn't provide any input). Too bad the public hearing on the budget was like, closed last Thursday. Duuuuuuuuhhhhhh.

4) Her tactic to create mass hysteria has to been falsely advising people that the tax bill increase would be in the thousands rather than under one hundred per year (ex. $85 per month rather than $85 per year). As Ms. Serino was unable to provide any input as to where additional cuts can be made, perhaps she should focus on EDUCATING the residents as to why there will be an increase. But then again, that would require too much brain power on her part as it involves a higher level of thought.
5)Ms. Serino is critical of the revenue producing aspects of the budget. The two largest revenue producers in the town are buildings and recreation. Other revenue producers also include fees, permits, etc. Why would you want to cut the hand that feeds?  But then again, Ms. Serino knows how to 'scutinize a budget,' you know, since she learned it so well as a councilwoman.

6) Ms. Serino is also particularly protective of Mr. Langan. Apparently, you're a thief only if you are criminally tried rather than being fired from your job for stealing $18,000, being found guilty in absentia at a hearing and then being permanantly barred for life from the NYSE. Last time I checked, a liar is a liar and you don't need to be convicted in a court of law to be one.

Ms. Serino likes to talk alot; she like to talk about standing up to the other town board members, playing a victim, and how she somehow is the only highly functioning individual on the board. Too bad she can't back up the hot air that comes out of her mouth with viable actions. If you have reviewed the video posted in previous blogs rather carefully, you would note that Ms. Serino appears to be rather... ditzy when it comes to the matters of the budget and all town board functions, yet for some ungodly reason she was elected to the County Legislator. God help us all.