Talk about a Motely Crew involved in Hyde Park politics. Let's take a look at the line-up.

1) The moderator of the Supervisor Debate, James Kennedy Langan, aka The Bernie Madoff of Hyde Park. Mr. Langan stole his client's savings and investments while employed as a broker then skipped town when he got caught red handed so to speak. 

2) Jean McArthur, the Chairwoman of the Republican Town Committee who frauduently had her niece and brother in-law register to vote out of her home address. Her niece is also recorded as having voted during the last Town Election in 2009. *Voter fraud is a felony.

3) Her husband, the former supervisor, Yancy McArthur who is along for the ride. Based upon interviews with Jean  on the local news and in Jim Langan's paper, I believe she is the one that wears the pants in the marriage.
4) Joseph Kakish the Republican Supervisor candidate lied about being an Officer of the Court. For the record, he is not an attorney and impersonating an attorney is a crimal offense.

5) Rumor has it that Donald Veith, a Republican Town Comittee member and running for the Town Board had been arrested for soliciting a prostitute in the City of Poughkeepsie at one point in time.

6) The former police chief and BFF of Jim Langan who in 1998 was charged with falsifying official documents and conduct unbecoming an officer by then Town Supervisor Thomas Spence.

7) Both the Republican and Democratic Committee members agreed to have James Kennedy Langan, an embezzler be the moderator of the upcoming Supervisor Candidate Debates. By doing so, are they condoning JKL's history of embezzlement? The message they are sending is that it's okay to have an individual who has a questionable history of embezzlement, fraud and dishonesty be representing the interests of the town of Hyde Park in a capacity that would establish him and his newspaper. Hmmmmm.