If you care to hob knob with the Bernie Madoff of Hyde Park, you need to go no further than Coppola's on October 27 at 7pm sharp.

Here are some questions for you to ponder on for today.

1) Given the recent events of being outed as a thief, having it broadcasted on cablevision news and it being known in the community through word of mouth, why would both  the Chamber and the town political parties continue to  support Jim Langan as the moderator. Do they realize that if one types in "James Kennedy Langan" into the google search engine the very first result is the NYSE decision. If you type in 'Jim Langan' into google, the results yield to this very website. This looks VERY bad that a thief and then lying about being a thief moderate their event.

And Jim Langan. Does have have no shame? If he truly had any inclination to keeping the debate professional, he would gracefully bow out with some excuse and allow another moderator, who does not have a tarnished reputation to be found.  *This goes back to an earlier post which listed the traits of a sociopath including grandiose self-worth.

2) Jim Langan is the writer, editor and janitor (given there's alot of animal waste to be found) at the HV News. His stories are blatently biased and wouldn't that be a conflict of interest as acting the role of moderator? How can he write an article about himself being the moderator. Oh, wait, he already did it under the pseudonym of the HV News Staff when he wrote about his unfortunate experience of being 'attacked.'

3) Which leads me to this last question, which is the most conspicious (Critical thinking skills here people). Why would the town parties support an individual who has bashed the current town board in almost every editition over a period of almost two years to moderate the supervisor debate. Who's to say that once their candidate gets into office that he wouldn't feature their photo with a pinnochio nose superimposed on them. (Light bulb goes off) Unless that the two town parties were privy, supported and perhaps provided Jim Langan information to continue his crusade against Martino & Co. That is the most feasible explanation.

 John Coppola and the town parties should be ashamed of themselves to allow an individual who has stolen and lied to be the moderator of an event that is supposed to reflect American values and interests.

As Arnold Diaz says, 'Shame on You!'