Aileen appears to be shortsighted as she enters her roll as supervisor.  The writers HV News Lies received information that Aileen recently did the residents of Hyde Park a huge disservice. Aileen cancelled the contract of the grant writer who was currently working on proposing a grant for a water and sewer district to Hyde Park, specifically to the area of Holt Road. It is reported that the residents of Holt Road are currently experiencing a problem of E. Coli in their well water systems and cannot consume the water from their tap without a water filtration system.

Aileen claims that she is concerned about the money it would cost to continue to employ this grant writer, however, due to her possible doltish intellectualcapacity, she failed to realize that the grant writer is paid through a percentage of the grant money that is received if the grant is approved.

Now the residents to Holt Road will continue to endure the problem of E. coli contamination in their well water because of Aileen's ignorance.

What other grants will Hyde Park lose out on because of Aileen's philistinism?