Unfortunately due to a 'glitch' with their printer, the HV News wasn't available at all of their outlets yesterday. 

I'm waging it's more like their printer knows about the Langan's financial problems and will no longer extend credit to them for their jobs and are now on a COD basis. As a result you may or may not be able to keep on this week's latest capers that are printed in the HV News.

The latest fiasco of the point the finger game was blaming Tom Martino for the polling location at Town Hall being opened an hour late as he writes on the HV News Facebook page:

Hyde Park town hall voting place opened one hour late this morning. Election official Eric Haight says, "That was the result of our contact person, Supervisor Tom Martino, being completely negligent of his duties." This guy never disappoints.

I would like to point out that the responsibility of opening a polling place isn't a duty of the supervisor, rather is it that of the election officals that conduct the elections. Town Hall opened an hour late due to the failure of an election official to pick up a key to the building the day before. So perhaps Mr. Haight should man up and take responsibilty for his failure to follow up with a representative with the BOE given he IS a Commissioner.

The blame Martino game is getting rather old. Don't you think? Suicide Bombers? Blame it on Martino. You can also blame the border violence from mexican drug cartels and the growing prison population on Martino as well. Hell, let's just blame everything on Martino.
*New catch phrase: 'Blame it on Martino.'