James Kennedy Langan publishes an online blog called 'Usually Right.' The following paragraph is what he wrote concerning what he thought of the Hyde Park Republican Party in January 2009. Now, from what I recall, the party members didn't change, most of the the committee members are still the same, so why did he suddenly 'see the light' and become BFF's with them?

This brings me to the political scuttlebutt in Hyde Park; given this is an election year. I hear more than a few democrats are increasingly frustrated with Mr. Delafield and want to nominate someone else this year. The common complaint is he hasn’t really accomplished anything of substance and just keeps pushing legislatives proposals around his plate. The failure of the St. Andrews project and the police facility hasn’t helped staunch the political bleeding although FDR himself wasn’t going to get the St. Andrews dog to hunt. Board member Valerie Hale is said not to be seeking a second term, opening the door for the woman who almost beat her, Sue Serino. Bob Linville is rumored to be mulling retirement. Independent turned democrat Rich Perkins is making some friends and noise for Supervisor and freshman Board member Hannah Black looks vulnerable to a decent republican candidate. Then again, that would require the presence of an organized republican party in Hyde Park. If you find one, drop me a note.


I don't know what's worse, having a thief in your local Republican party or someone who has to have their family members fraudulently register to vote so you can get a few votes.

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