Step One: Cut someone's salary by thousands of dollars

Set Two: Hire back an incompetant person who proceeds to run the office and bully the other employees.

Step Three: Have frequent temper tantrums in front of your employees. Make sure you yell and swear and for an added effect, fall to the floor and kick your feet.

Step Four: Your employee quits their job to preserve their sanity. 

This is the catalyst for causing one to resign from their job.

Yes, the town comptroller, Michele Zagorski submitted her resignation which may be a result of the alleged harrassment she received from Joanne Lown and the exposure to the temper tantrums of Aileen Rohr.

So far, in the past three and one-half months, three town hall employees have resigned: The Supervisor's secretary, the Town Assessor and the Town Comptroller. 

The question is, who will the next person to gain their freedom?