Apparently Stephen Saland is not only disapponted but also rumored has it, rather quite shaken that as of the current count, he is only 43 votes in leading his opponent in this past primary election. Sentator Saland, who hasn't had to face an opponent in any of his past elections apparently thought that his primary was going to be a slam dunk for him. Enter reality, it was far from it.
In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Saland stated,"My bigger disappointment is with the thousands who didn't come out  despite my record of service to the community." The writers of the HV News Lies are of the opinion that Saland suffers from a God complex believing that somehow the voters owe it to him to come out and vote for him. He has learned a harsh lesson in this election...nobody owes you anything in this life.

One reader of the WSJ hit the nail on the head when they wrote of his sell-out, 'During this current primary, NONE of Saland's mailings mentioned his accrual of nearly $400K from homoerotic "rights" groups - most of which came from NYC, not from within our senatorial district...Neil Di Carlo came out of nowhere to take on a 30-year incumbent. Given the size of Saland's campaign account compared to Neil's plus all the unethical attempts to sabotage Neil's campaign (theft of yard signs, attempts to deny registered Conservatives entry to vote and poll watch at some precincts), the results of yesterday's primary are phenomenal and 100% grassroots. Saland should be  totally demoralized, his ego taken down a notch. As the Good Book says, "...a  double-minded man is unstable in all his ways." (The Apostle James - Jas 1:8)"

*HV News Lies writers note: whereas Saland spent over $300,000.00,   DiCarlo's spent approx. $20,000.00 on this primary.

The results of this election, should DiCarlo be triumphant will incur a significant shift in the power structure in Dutchess county so being that certain individuals who have built a small feifdom based upon their political connections may have that sense of entitlement yanked out from beneath them. The writers at the HV News Lies have heard rumors amiss that many that are involved with the present (and corrupt) political machine are rather shaken because their sense of security is crumbling away.

The upcoming weeks should prove to be interesting.
Sorry Steve
9/16/2012 03:29:22

Saland lied and took money for lying. The voters are not as stupid as Saland thinks they are. Saland has aligned himself with Bloomberg and the NYC Albany faction. The sign stealing episode by McArthur also did not help his campaign. Saland now has to defend himself against charges that have been filed against him and McArthur since McArthur claimed to be an agent of the Saland campaign.


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