On a more humorous side, I had to add this in. I was watching the news several weeks ago and during an interview between the 'UHH's' and the oafish gestures, it suddenly struck me! Mongo from Heathcliff (Minus the big hair). Several people also agreed with the resemblence when asked, so with a side by side comparison, you too can make your own conclusion. This may be in poor taste, but you still have to admit it IS funny

Yancy M.
06/14/2012 07:49

You know, I never noticed it myself, but even I have to agree! Ha Ha!! I love it! Hey Jeanie, honeybunny, how many fingers am I holding up? Ha ha. What's for dinner tonight? Beans by the fire? AGAIN?! Ha ha ha hoo hoo! *Wiping tears from eyes* Oh boy, I'd better stop. I'm going to be in trouble with her tonight!


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