As a follow-up, the front page of the HV News this week lacks the usual sensational headlines of the town board.  Most likely because Jim is afraid to face the Town Members know that most people know he's a thief and will be called out on it while he's busy snapping away on his camera.
Perhaps Jim should look into doing human interest stories. Perhaps he can interview Joseph Kakish on the error that Brad Kendell had made when posting legal judgements upon the grandson of a tribal chief.
Apparently Jim Langan has been missing the Town Board meetings, which is rather unusual since he likes to show up with camera and snap photos to put on the front page of his paper every Wednesday. This paper's front page has a photo that was taken several months ago, so Jim Langan is  forced to recycle photos since for one reason or another he is unable to show up at town hall.

I know this because having seen the meetings on television, Mr. Taylor now is sans facial hair and has a crew cut.

I would like to add that he states the board members are humilaited for not obtaining endorsement. Perhaps Jim Langan is the one that's humilated since he cannot show his face in Town Hall as a result that most of the the residents and business owners now know that he forged checks and stole from his clients.

However, someone out there by the name of Trevor (as well as Eleanor) is concerned about this whereabouts.

I was reading this e-mail while enjoying my morning cup of coffee and almost chocked from laughter. And being curious, I was able to locate the photo with the famous tuxedo.

Good morning Jim,
We noticed that you were absent from last nights Town Board meeting? We do hope that you are well. We have heard rumors that you are at detox, readying yourself for you big night-the supervisor debate. We do wish to remind you that your really should do something about you slobbish personal appearance. That photo of you and the Mrs. taken for the Winnakee Land Trust newsletter made you look like an over-the-hill rum-dum trying to make the best of an otherwise boring event. Doe K-Mart now rent tuxedos? Oh! BTW-we would like to suggest that when you do decide to clean yourself up, please use a very stiff scrubbing brush and a whole lot of lye soap. It will be most difficult to scrub off all the muck that you have attached to you. Do you think that you can do a thorough cleaning up job on yourself?
We did have the opportunity to view the PoJo video of the Hyde Park supervisor candidates. Where did their respective parties get these people? The were both an embarrassment. Please don't tell us that you had nothing to do with their selection. I was quite easy to detect that both candidates will have a major challenge to find their way to Town Hall. It was also quite obvious that Kakish will be relying quite heavily of the McArthurs even to blow his nose. Rohr, well, Aileen should stick to reading her lifetime subscription to High Times magazine and her Alice B. Toklas Cookbook. Anything elese, would be futile.
We must run. Hope to see you at a Town Board meeting. Jim. BTW-please try to look somewhat presentable concerning you personal appearance. The skid-row look does not compliment a future Pulitzer prize recipient.
We remain,
Trevor & Eleanor
P.S.-we found it amusing that the Democrat candidate for the 4th ward knocked on our door and stated that he was running only because of his profound dislike for the McArthurs. We intend to vote for him just on that statement. Some of our neighbors will do likewise. He also said the he's a Republican.