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In a previous blog I addressed the incident of fradulent voter registration involving the Republican Town Committee Chairwoman's niece and brother in-law. According to voter records, Jean's niece voted in th Per the documents, an acknowledgment letter was sent from the BOE indicating that this incident was pending investigation.
So, how serious is voter fraud? According to NYS Election Law, it is considered a felony per the following: 
*Note when convicted of felony charges, the loss of the right to vote and hold public office may be entailed. Hmmmmmmmm.
§ 17–104. False registration

Any person who:

1. Registers or attempts to register as an elector in more than one election district for the same election, or more than once in the same election district; or,

2. Registers or attempts to register as an elector, knowing that he will not be a qualified voter in the district at the election for which such registration is made; or

3. Registers or attempts to register as an elector under any name but his own; or

4. Knowingly gives a false residence within the election district when registering as an elector; or

5. Knowingly permits, aids, assists, abets, procures, commands or advises another to commit any such act, is guilty of a felony.

(L.1976, c. 233, § 1.)

§ 17–106. Misconduct of election officers

Any election officer who wilfully refuses to accord to any duly accredited watcher or to any voter or candidate any rightgiven him by this chapter, or who wilfully violates any provision of the election law relative to the registration of electors or to the taking, recording, counting, canvassing, tallying or certifying of votes, or who wilfully neglects or
refuses to perform any duty imposed on him by law, or is guilty of any fraud in the execution of the duties of his office, or connives in any electoral fraud, or knowingly permits any such fraud to be practiced, is guilty of a felony.

(L.1976, c. 233, § 1. Amended L.1978, c. 9, § 118.)

 § 17–114. Failure to furnish information; false information

1. Any person who knowingly harbors or conceals any person who falsely registered as a voter, or who shall rent any room or bed to any person to be used by such person for himself or any other person for the purpose of unlawfully registering or voting therefrom is guilty of a misdemeanor.

2. A keeper of a hotel, lodging-house, boarding-house or rooming-house, who neglects to give to an election officer requesting the same, a sworn list of persons residing in such hotel, lodging-house, boarding-house, dwelling or apartment, together with the other particulars or information in relation to such persons required to be given by or pursuant to this chapter, is guilty of a misdemeanor.


3. A keeper of a hotel, lodging house, boarding-house, or rooming-house or the owner or lessee of a dwelling or apartment who makes a report or furnishes a list required by this chapter which knowingly and falsely states that a person has resided on the premises to which the report or list relates for a longer period than he has actually resided therein, or puts upon such a list or in such a report a name under which no person resides in said premises, is guilty of a felony.

(L.1976, c. 233, § 1.)


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