Royal watchers need to look no further across the pond to keep up on the latest on the royal clan. If Joe has his wish of being Supervisor, we can go to Town Hall to hob knob with some  of our own local royals.

Perhaps Joe Kakish wants to be a supervisor candidate because of his family ties and the possibility of establishing a government of tribal council and rewarding those that endorsed him. We certainly know from his performance with the Poughkeepsie Journal interview that he's not qualified to take on the responsilbilities of being the chief executive/financial officer of Hyde Park.

How would his family ties affect his performance in Hyde Park? Among his relatives, there are numerous businesses which include builders, contractors, lawyers in the area. Who's to say Hyde Park wouldn't be a repeat of the Paroli scandal that took place in the 1990's? Could the posibility of him appointing cousins  (who do not share the last name to avoid scrutiny) to town committees and awarding bids to their businesses be forthcoming?

Also noted that a look at the legal documents in which both the Nesheiwats and Kakish/Qaqish's are listed as defendents that are on file with the DC Clerk total more than 600.

Attached is just a glimpse at this family tree which also goes by the name Nesheiwat and Zeiden. Joseph Kakish mother's (Margaret) father was the tribal leader and at the time he died in 1983, Joseph was one of 37 grandchildren.

Issa Zeidan dies at 74, leader of Nesheiwats

leader of Nesheiwats

Issa Akeel Zeidan of Horsepond

Rd., Lake Carmel, died Jan.

28 in Putnam Hospital Center.

Carmel. Mr. Zeidan, 74, had

been ill 3 weeks.

A native of Jordan, Mr. Zeidan

was leader of the Nesheiwat tribe,

which has a large community of

members throughout the United

States and in Jordan.

He came to the United States in

1954 and later brought his wife,

Sheika, and their children from

Jordan. He had operated a

grocery store on Main St. in

Yonkers for many years until his

retirement 13 years ago when he

moved to Lake Carmel.

He is survived by his wife, his

children, Najafc Nesheiwat,

Nawal Sayegh, resam and Hissam

Zeidan, Hayam Salty, Margaret

Kakish, Joseph and Juliet

Zeidan, all of Putnam County,

and Hayat Nesheiwat of Florida; a

brother, Moosa, in Jordan; several

sisters and stepsisters, Negla

Nesheiwat of Poughkeepsie,

Tammam Nesheiwat of Yonkers,

Miriam Nesheiwat of Syracuse,

Martha Nesheiwat of California,

Julia Nesheiwat of Chicago, and

Nura and Jalela Nesheiwat, both


of Jordan, and 37 grandchildren.

A funeral mass was said at St.

James the Apostle Roman Catholic

Church in Carmel. Burial was

in Raymond Hill Cemetery,

Carmel. Funeral arrangements

were under the direction of the

Beecher Funeral Home, 1 Putnam Terr, Brewster