In a newsletter emal sent out on April 19, 2012, Aileen Rohr made the following statement:

The Town Board and I have been working on a wide variety of matters, from basic management of town functions to taking action on the initiatives you elected us to pursue. Here are a few updates:

- Town Finances: Last week we held a workshop on the town’s finances. As it stands, the town still has a serious backlog of record keeping and account reconciliations from the Martino administration. The lack of record keeping during the last two years makes it impossible for us to produce accurate current reports. I have made it a top priority to get the books in order so that we can responsibly manage the taxpayers’ money. An independent audit of 2010 recordkeeping identifies changes needed to improve controls, and I am committed to improving the checks and balances in the town’s accounting through personnel and policy. As a first step,  we have hired a temporary accounting assistant to efficiently address the backlog. We are also seeking a skilled and experienced person to take over as comptroller as the current comptroller is stepping down. I will keep you updated  as I pursue this extremely important issue.

The writers at the HV News Lies would like to stress to the readers that state of the finances of Hyde Park have long since been problematic long before the Martino administration took office, due to the incompetency and inadequate bookkeeping practices of the town bookkeeeper, Joanne Lown.

Mr. Michael Taylor, former town board member took the opportunity at the April 23, 2012 town board meeting to correct and chastise the town board for creating fallicious statements. The writers at the HV News Lies would like to take this opportunity to publish the results of the 2006 audit which supports this claim.

Did the town board act foolishly in rehiring Joanne Lown who did not correctly record $320,455 of net assets and liabilities for the 2005 fiscal year?
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