The employees of Hyde Park that directly involved with the finances are bonded. The supervisor is bonded, so is the Comptroller and the former bookkeeper. 
What is bonding? It is the purpose to protect a business or organization against misuse and embezzlement of funds through an insurance policy. When one is bonded, a credit check is done which will identify poor credit, a lack of work history, bankruptcy, etc. If an employee has a history which is questionable, either the organization will pay a higher insurance premium or the employee will not be able to be bonded, placing the employer at risk.

Which brings me to the point of this blog. Mr. Kakish will need to be bonded as supervisor. Mr, Kaksih has a record of a car being repossessed on file with the DC Clerk's Office. Mr. Kakish had his home remortaged with a third party listed as the grantee. The amount of judgements on file between him and his wife are in excess $100,000. Will he be able to be bonded?

Another question. Now that the previous bookkeeeper's errors in the 2006 audit were made public and are able to be located with the help of the google search engine, will be also be able to be bonded, say, if by some foolish decision, she was reinstated by the next town supervisor?

According to NYS Law, this is the powers and duties of a Comptroller:

 §  34.  Powers and duties of town comptroller. 1. In any town in which
  the office of town comptroller shall have been established  and  a  town
  comptroller  shall  have  been  appointed  and shall have qualified, the
  powers of the town board of that town with respect to auditing, allowing
  or rejecting all accounts, charges, claims or demands against  the  town
  or  the improvement districts thereof and with respect to the examining,
  auditing and certification of accounts and receipts  of  town  officers,
  and  making  provision  for preparing and publishing or posting lists of
  all such accounts,  charges,  claims  or  demands  after  the  audit  or
  rejection  thereof,  including  the  powers conferred and duties imposed
  upon the town board in relation to auditing and approving certain claims
  pursuant to sections two hundred eighty-four and two hundred eighty-five
  of the highway law, shall devolve upon and thereafter  be  exercised  by
  such  town  comptroller, during the continuance of such office; and with
  respect to the powers so conferred and the duties so imposed he shall be
  the town board of the town during the continuance of  such  office.  The
  comptroller,  when  required  by  resolution  of  the  town board, shall
  countersign all checks required to be  signed  by  the  supervisor.  The
  comptroller  shall annually audit the fiscal affairs of each improvement
  district in said town operating under article thirteen of  this  chapter
  and report thereon in writing to the town board.
    2. In any town in which the office of town comptroller shall have been
  established  and  a town comptroller shall have been appointed and shall
  have qualified, the town board may by ordinance provide that  either  or
  both  of  the  following  powers  conferred  and duties imposed upon the
  supervisor under section one hundred twenty-five of this  chapter  shall
  devolve  upon  and  be  exercised  by  such  town comptroller during the
  continuance of such office: (a) the keeping  of  separate  appropriation
  accounts  and  preventing  funds  or  appropriation  accounts from being
  overdrawn; or (b) the drawing upon funds or appropriations, provided the
  counter-signature of  the  supervisor  shall  be  required.    The  town
  comptroller shall furnish to the supervisor such information and data as
  the  supervisor  may require for the purpose of enabling him to exercise
  his powers and perform his duties or make reports required by law.$$TWN34$$@TXTWN034+&LIST=LAW+&BROWSER=EXPLORER+&TOKEN=28715779+&TARGET=VIEW

And the powers and functions of the Supervisor:

§  29.  Powers and duties of supervisor. Except where powers or duties
  specified herein are devolved upon  the  town  comptroller  pursuant  to
  section thirty-four of this chapter, the supervisor of each town.
    1.  Shall  act as treasurer thereof and shall demand, collect, receive
  and have the care and custody of moneys belonging to  or  due  the  town
  from  every  source,  except  as  otherwise  provided  by law. Except as
  otherwise provided in articles eleven and thirteen, he shall also act as
  treasurer and disbursing officer for every special district therein.
    2. Within ten days after their receipt, shall deposit  and  secure  in
  his  name  as  supervisor,  all  such  moneys  in the manner provided by
  section ten of the general municipal law.
    3. Shall disburse such moneys only by checks payable to the person  or
  persons entitled thereto, which checks shall, if the town board requires
  such  countersignature,  be  countersigned  by the town clerk, or by the
  comptroller in towns where the  office  of  town  comptroller  has  been
  established.  When  authorized  by  resolution  of  the town board, such
  checks may be signed with the facsimile signature of the  supervisor  or
  other  town  officer  whose  signature  is  required, as reproduced by a
  machine or device commonly known as a checksigner.  By  resolution  duly
  adopted,  the  town  board  may  determine  to  enter into a contract to
  provide for the deposit of the periodic payroll of the town in a bank or
  trust company for disbursal by  it  in  accordance  with  provisions  of
  section ninety-six-b of the banking law.
    4.  Shall  keep  an  accurate  and complete account of the receipt and
  disbursement of all moneys which shall come into his hands by virtue  of
  his  office,  in  books  of  account in the form prescribed by the state
  department of audit and control for all expenditures under  the  highway
  law  and  in  books  of  account  provided  by  the  town  for all other
  expenditures. Such books of account shall be public  records,  open  and
  available  for  inspection at all reasonable hours of the day, and, upon
  the expiration of his term, shall be filed in the  office  of  the  town
    7.  Shall  pay  fixed  salaries,  the  principal  of  or  interest  on
  indebtedness, amounts becoming due upon  lawful  contracts  for  periods
  exceeding  one  year,  and  compensation  for  services  of  officers or
  employees regularly engaged by the town at agreed  wages  by  the  hour,
  day, week, month or year without prior audit.
    8.  Shall  prosecute, in the name of the town, for all penalties given
  by law to such town for its use and for all moneys or property  due  the
    9. Shall cause a survey to be made of the bounds of his town, whenever
  required  by  the state department of transportation, and transmit a map
  and description thereof to such department within sixty days thereafter.
  The expense of such survey and map shall  be  defrayed  by  the  several
  towns  whose  bounds  either  wholly,  or  in  part,  shall be described
  thereby; such expense to be apportioned by the board of  supervisors  of
  the county.
    10.  Shall  prepare  and  file  with the town clerk within thirty days
  after the expiration of each fiscal year,  an  annual  financial  report
  accounting  for  all moneys received and disbursed by him, together with
  the certificate, or certificates, of the bank  or  trust  company  where
  town  moneys are deposited, showing the amount of such moneys on deposit
  with said bank or trust company, and cause  a  certified  copy  of  such
  report  to  be  published  in  the official newspaper, and in such other
  newspapers, if any, as the town board may require. In addition  thereto,
  if  and  whenever  required,  such  supervisor shall submit to the other
  members of the town  board  at  the  time  of  filing  such  report  all
  vouchers,  cancelled  checks  or  check  images as authorized by section
ninety-nine-b of the general municipal law, check stubs, ledgers, cash books, journals, and financial and accounting records of every sort required to substantiate the accuracy and completeness of such report. 10-a. In lieu of preparing the report required by subdivision ten of this section, the town board may determine, by resolution, that the supervisor shall submit to the town clerk, within the time period prescribed in section thirty of the general municipal law, a copy of the report to the state comptroller required by section thirty of the general municipal law, providing, however, that if the time for the filing of the annual report has been extended by the state comptroller as provided in the said statute, then the time for submitting a copy of the report to the town clerk similarly shall be extended. The town clerk shall cause either a summary of such report to be published within ten days after receipt thereof in a form approved by the state comptroller or a notice that a copy of such report is on file in the town clerk's office and is available for public inspection and copying, in the official newspaper and in such other newspapers as the town board may direct. 11. Shall lease, sell and convey in the name of the town, property owned by it, whenever and in the manner authorized by the provisions of this chapter or any other general or special law and shall execute and deliver, in the name of the town, grants of easements or other rights in lands or other property owned by the town, whenever so directed by the town board. 12. In towns other than those mentioned in section 9-1107 of the environmental conservation law, and other than those included in a forest fire district as defined in subdivision two of section 9-1109 of the environmental conservation law, shall be superintendent of fires of his town and charged with the duty of preventing and extinguishing forest fires. In such capacity, he shall also be charged with the duty of preventing and extinguishing muck fires. He shall have the power to employ persons to act as forest rangers and fire wardens in preventing and fighting forest and muck fires and to employ necessary assistants therefor, and shall possess, for both such purposes, all the power and authority conferred upon the department of environmental conservation, district forest ranger, forest ranger and fire warden under subdivisions one, two, three, four, five and twelve of section 9-1103, subdivision two of section 9-1111 and section 71-0705 of the environmental conservation law with respect to forest fires and forest fire protection. Any person summoned to fight forest or muck fires who is physically able and refuses to assist, shall be liable to a penalty of twenty dollars. The town board of each town shall designate one of its members to act as such superintendent of fires for the ensuing year in case of absence of the supervisor. The town board shall fix the compensation of all forest rangers, fire wardens, and assistants employed under the provisions of this section, and all expenses incurred under the provisions of this section shall be a charge upon and paid by the town. 13. Shall notify the state department of transportation, in writing, regarding the construction, reconstruction or repair by any person or corporation, or political subdivision of the state within his town, of any dam or other structure for impounding water, and of any dock, pier or wharf, or other structure used as a landing place. This notice shall be given within ten days after the commencement of such work. This subdivision shall not apply to a dam where the area draining into the pond formed thereby does not exceed one square mile, unless the dam is more than ten feet in height above the natural bed of the stream at any

point or unless the quantity of water which the dam impounds exceeds one million gallons. 14. Shall attend the annual meeting of the board of supervisors of the county, and every regular, adjourned or special meeting thereof of which he shall receive notice. 15. In towns of the first class, may designate a bookkeeper or confidential secretary, or both. In towns of the second class, the town board may by resolution authorize the supervisor of the town to designate a bookkeeper or confidential secretary, or both. A person so designated by the supervisor, shall receive a reasonable compensation for his services, to be fixed by the town board and such compensation shall be a town charge. 16. Shall have and exercise any other power or duty expressly conferred or imposed upon him by law and such powers and duties of administration and supervision of town or special or improvement district functions as shall be provided by resolution of the town board, to be performed on behalf of such board.

Feel free to examine more NYS Laws in regards to towns: