It started with an article in the Albany Times Union and it now has made its way to the pages of the Poughkeepsie Journal...the saga of Sign-gate.
Yancy McArthur the former supervisor of Hyde Park may be perhaps fabricating the tale of sign 'relocation' in his most latest interview.
However, despite his claims, here are the facts:

1. McArthur was observed removing signs shortly after they were placed by a campaign worker of Neil DiCarlo and took them into his place of business.
2. The campaign worker made a call into the police to make a complaint and proceeded to wait for the officer to respond.
3. McArthur drove off in his van and made a call to the police department to report individuals loitering at the shopping center. He was questioned by the police dispachter if he, Yancy McArthur, steal a sign, to which he admitted to.
4. The campaign workers went to the dumpster behind the business and found the above signs that were destroyed by it appears to be a boxcutter. The above photo was taken as evidence (and forwarded by many e-mails to which is how the writers obtained the photo).
5. Mr. and Mrs. McArthur appeared and Mr. McArthur stated to the responding officer that he was a campaign worker for Neil DiCarlo and was merely 'relocating' the sign to another location. When questioned by the officer as to this claim  and if he was in fact associated with the DiCarlo campaign, he then changed his story and admitted he was associated with the Saland campaign.

In the interview, McArthur stated he was removing signs that obstructed the view of traffic, yet he only removed DiCarlo signs and appeared to slice and dice them and then dispose of them in the dumpster located behind this place of business. Saland signs were left remaining.

Given these facts, the writers leave the readers to draw their own conclusions regarding the validity of McArthur's interview statements.