The Poughkeepsie Journal endorsed candidate Aileen Rohr for the next supervisor. In a tactful way, they basically said Joseph Kakish was clueless in the statement, 'But in an interview with the Poughkeepsie Journal editorial board, Rohr was able to talk in more specifics...'

While they did make very good points in regards to her experience serving on various town boards, there are a few key points made that I am concerned about.
Aileen's campaign supports economic growth, however she has had letters published in periodicles stating otherwise. The editorial noted, 'Rohr emphasized that she wants to see developers use these existing spaces.' However, one cannot force a business to move into an empty storefront and the considering the condition of the empty spaces, would a business want to rent. For example, the septic system at the Hyde Park Mall is not longer a legal system and would have to be replaced.

She also provided some incorrect information during the PoJo interview, including the PILOT program  and the CIA Hotel project when in actually it was never approved by the Town Board.

They also also stressed that Tom Martino wasn't forthcoming with the town's finances. This is incorrect for several reasons. Tom Martino did make statements at Town Board meetings (that are record) that indicated that the town budget was being audited and until the auditors finished, there was not an exact number that could be provided. The question is, if the town's finances are in disarray due to inept record keeping, how could one provide numbers? This is supported that it took the auditors almost nine (9) months to complete an audit that should have taken a maximum of two months.

If Aileen Rohr wins the election it will be interesting to see if she 1) makes good on her promises of promoting commercial growth 2) doesn't cater to the special interest groups that are acquiring land to a tax exempt status (remember her time with Stop the Sprawl) and can create a budget within the 2% tax cap since she states she supports it.

I would like to stress that Hyde Park, despite the PoJo's statement of bringing 'refreshing change' in this election, will never achieve stability within the town government. Why? Too many outside influences including town committees and the media that have hinder the progress of the town and the constant rate of turnover in the Town Board and Supervisors. When was the last time a town supervisor was elected for two or more consecutive terms? And a town board member?

In two years be prepared to vote for a new candidate.