I watch local news often and saw several interviews in which Tom Martino was quoted as saying he 'wouldn't take orders from the McArthurs' which caused their withdrawal of support of the Town Board.
Okay, what exactly were these orders? I was curious to know what the new Town Board was told they had to do.
A source close to Supervisor Martino was able to provide me with some juicy information. Here's some of the 'orders':

1) The Town Board was to hire Steve Saland's law firm, Gelert & Klein. Apparently this was a deal made by Jean McArthur prior to the campaign because she claimed that Senator Saland gave the Hyde Park GOP considerable donations and it was time to pay the piper for his considerable financial support. An ominous warning was given that if his law firm wasn't hired, it would be ensured that Hyde Park would not receive further state aid. What's even odder is that per the the New York Attorney General's website, which tracks campaign finance on Project Sunlight,
http://www.sunlightny.com/sns/std_search.do, Saland gave the Hyde Park committee a whole whopping (drum roll please...) $70 in 2010. Okay, something doesn't sound right here. I think there were some 'donations' that perhaps weren't reported?  Was it more of a I'll do you a favor and you do me one? Well the Town Board decided to hire another law firm that they felt was the best candidate, so strike number one.

2) The Town Board was also told to reneg on the Police & Court because of the 'hundreds of phone calls' that 'Town Hall East' (a.k.a the McArthur residence and business).

3) Town employees that the McArthurs did not have a warm and fuzzy feeling about were to be terminated. Well, in another blog you read the e-mail from Jean McArthur displaying her true colors, so this accusation is not surprising in the least bit.

4) The Town Board was told that they were to instruct the police department NOT to write handicap tickets for unauthorized parking. Apparently one of the committee members, the one who was investigated in the voter fraud charges, was using one of his deceased parents handicap permits and attempted and failed to have it renewed through the town police. Well being the good friends they were, the McArthurs took it upon themselves to rewrite the law so their friend wouldn't receive tickets.

5) Here's a doozy. The previous acting police chief, Donald Goddard, good friend of Jim Langan was brought up on charges in 1998 by then supervisor Thomas Spence of falsifying time and attendance records, conduct unbecoming an officer and altering official documents for a total of one charge and twenty specifications. Goddard wasn't fired but made an arrangement to testify against then Police Chief Clinch, so rumor has it. Clinch was later fired. One a copy of these charges is obtained, they may be posted on this site. 
What does this have to do with the current town board? Mr.Goddard was issued disciplinary letters advising him that his duty station was not at town hall, but rather at the police station  on Violet Ave where he was to be supervising his staff. Town Hall employees reported that he was in town hall several times a day, spending at least two  to three hours there.  Shortly thereafter, Mr. Goddard retired.  Text messages sent to the Town Board members stated that he wasn't able 'handle' the job of police chief. Considering his history of allegedly stealing time and altering official documents, was he competent to be an acting police chief? Why was he promoted to the position of acting chief by the Delafield administration..
This sets into motion for a) Jim Langan to take personal offense at his good friend 'forced' to retire and making it headlines in his paper. How dare the' Legion of Doom' in Town Hall forsake his good friend.  This is same friend that the Beacon Police Chief said he only saw good things come from (Goddard). Ha! I guess Don didn't tell him about the 'little incident' he had in 1998 with the town. This is the same good friend that can be may considered to be thief and a forger (so rumor has it) based upon those very charges.  Read all about the Farewell Tribute given to him in the HV News. I just want to know...did Goddard sue the 'Hell' out of the Town Board? And how DID that go for him?
b) Not only was Mr. Langan slighted, but so were the McArthurs.

6) The Board of Elections Commissioner, Eric Haight, the same good Facebook friend of Jean McArthur used to be an insurance salesman before he obtained (or given by his friends) the position of being the Commissioner of the BOE. Mr. Haight had a meeting with Mr. Martino shortly after Mr. Martino took office in attempts to have Mr. Martino buy a new insurance policy for the town employees that would have cost the town considerably MORE than the current policy. Considering the cost into the decision and deciding against it, Mr. Martino received phone calls from a lawyer who's very welll known in Republican political circles demanding to know why he DID NOT purchase insurance from Mr. Haight. There's another strike. Mr. Haight never got over that rejection since he now is the official scorekeeper between Jean and Tom and Jean's unoffical cheerleader along with Anne Boehm. Check out his score keeping techniques on the other blog of: The story behind the voter fraud documents.

I was told that these were just the tip of the iceberg. Apparently there are much, much more that will be revealed.  

All of this reminds me of a fantastic novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray written by Oscar Wilde. It's the story of young man who in vanity and not wanting to age, sells his sell to the devil. His life becomes that of endless debauched acts and the sins he commits are reflected onto a painting made of him during the prime of his youth and looks. The correlation is that those that are in the above examples all have something that they are unwilling to part with, that being power and they are willing to sell themselves and wheel and deal in order to retain in. Wheeling and dealing not in the best interest of the town, but for themselves.  I had written a comment in another blog about what a retired Army officer said about it's not about those who are elected having power, it's those that put them there that do, hence the title of this Blog, referencing the classic The Manchurian Candidate.

My conclusion is that Jean McArthur & Co. thought that Mr. Martino and the Town Board would be their Manchurian Candidates and quickly found out they they were not. What they are not are political hacks and they do not play the backroom deal games that we all know politicians engage in, which hasn't gained them favor from the other game players. 
From what I know and have read, Mr. Martino manages this the town as a manager, making business decisions based upon what's best for the town and not for the special interest groups or to win brownie points from some sycophant


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