Between spending most of his time interviewing Sue Serino for the cover stories in his paper and making sweetheat deals to be the moderator of the Supervisor Debate, seems like he has alot of time to spend in the late hours of the night blogging his thoughts to anyone that will listen.
I found this blog interesting because he's almost questioning the police in the murder of Ms. Filiberti, but in his published paper, chastises the residents of Hyde Park in spreading rumors. Well, didn't he kind of do this in the following?

At the top of the list, why were two police officers taken in for DNA testing? Is the Chief conducting this investigation based on rumors and innuendo, or is he not? Or, for that matter, is the Chief even still conducting this investigation at all, or has another department taken over as the lead agency?

If the two officers in question were never suspects, then they should never been asked, nor should they have submitted to DNA testing. The notion that they were tested simply to put the public at ease over rumors is quite simply, ridiculous. If that had been the case, then the Chief would have made an official and timely statement explaining why this was being done, who the officers are and their part in the investigation, when exactly the officers were going to be tested, and when the results of the tests would be available. Furthermore, from that point forward he should have recused himself and his department, handing over the investigation to another agency.

The public hasn't heard a peep about the case, zero facts have been given all along, we don't even know if in fact the case is indeed a homicide thanks to the gag order placed on the Medical Examiner, yet when rumors begin swirling about the unprecedented fact that two officers were taken in for DNA testing we are called "bomb-throwers" and told the equivalent of "move along, nothing to see here."
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Oh, isn't this a far cry from what he published in the following edition:
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As fact and publishing the officers’ names and alleged personal histories. We talked amongst ourselves how awful this must be for the officers, as well as the Filiberti family. How do you wash this stuff off if you’re a cop outed on the Internet was the general consensus. Then, late in the afternoon and after we sent last week’s newspaper to the printer, came a press release from the sheriff’s office categorically denying that any police officers had been taken into custody. It was like someone cut our phone lines. The calls stopped and you could almost feel the community looking at their shoes in embarrassment. The discussion then became, “Did you hear all those rumors Tuesday?” People were marveling at the ferocity and range of the rumors. By week’s end, it was close to “Where were you when you heard jfk was shot?” We haven’t talked to one person who didn’t hear the rumors. Hudson Valley News reporter Christopher Lennon said of the experience, “Those rumors were spreading like wildfire. I’ve never seen anything like it. We were getting calls literally every two minutes from someone with something new to report, and 99% of it was bogus. It goes to show you how hungry the public is for more information on this case and the power law enforcement has as the gatekeeper of that information. Remember, those rumors were spreading all morning and afternoon, but once the sheriff’s office issued a press release saying they were untrue, the rumors stopped dead in their tracks.” Hyde Park Police Chief Charles Broe commented to Hudson Valley News on the impact these rumors are having. “I feel very badly for the men and women of the Hyde Park Police Department and the people of Hyde Park for what they have had to go through,” the chief said. “I feel even worse for the Filiberti family. It speaks volumes about the lack of character of those who have perpetuated this, that they never considered the further pain it has caused a family who has certainly endured enough already.”