Weird Al-I'll Sue you
I sued Taco Bell
'Cause I ate half-a-million Chalupas and I got fat
I sued Panasonic
They never said I shouldn't use their microwave to dry off my cat, huh

I sued Earthlink
'Cause I called 'em up and they had the nerve to put me on hold
I sued Starbucks
'Cause I spilled a frappucino in my lap and brr, it was cold

I sued Toys 'R Us
Cause I swallowed a Nerf ball and nearly choked to death, huh
I sued PetCo
'Cause I ate a bag of kitty litter and now I got bad breath

I sued Coca-Cola, yo
'Cause I put my finger down in a bottle and it got stuck
I sued Delta Airlines
'Cause they sold me a ticket to New Jersey - I went there, and it sucked

If you stand me up on a date
If you deliver my pizza thirty seconds late

I'm gonna sue, sue, yes, I'm gonna sue
Sue, sue, yeah, that's what I'm gonna do
I'm gonna sue, sue, yes, I'm gonna sue
Sue, sue, yeah, I might even sue you

I sued Duracell
They never told me not to shove that double-A right up my nose
I sued Home Depot
'Cause they sold me a hammer which they knew I might drop on my toes

I sued Dell Compueters
'Cause I took a bath with my laptop, now it doesn't work
I sued Fruit Of The Loom
'Cause when I wear my tighty-whities on my head I look like a jerk

I sued Verizon
'Cause I get all depressed every time my cell phone is roaming
I sued Colorado
'Cause you know, I think it looks a little bit too much like Wyoming

I sued Neiman Marcus
'Cause they put up their Christmas decorations way out of season
I sued Ben Affleck
Aww, do I even need a reason?

If I sprain my ankle while I'm robbin' your place
If I hurt my knuckles while I punch you in the face

Gyp·sy   /ˈdʒɪpsi/d [jip-see] noun, plural -sies, adjective noun 1. a member of a nomadic, Caucasoid people of generally swarthy complexion, who migrated originally from India, settling in various parts of Asia, Europe, and, most recently, North America. 2. Romany; the language of the Gypsies. 3. ( lowercase ) a person held to resemble a gypsy, especially in physical characteristics or in a traditionally ascribed freedom or inclination to move from place to place

From conversations with members of the Hyde Park community, concerns were voiced regards the family relations of the supervisor candidate Joseph Kakish. They used the term 'gypsy' to describe his family as well as pointed out that in this area they were notoriously known for three reasons: 1) being sued for not paying their bills 2) suing businesses allegading injuries sustained during an accident 3) being caught shoplifting in the local retail stores, ex. Jamesway & Ames in Hyde Park. Rumor has it they make a livelihood out of bringing lawsuits against others, but don't necessarily pay their bills and get sued in the interim.

I decided to do research and verify if this was correct. I utilized the NYS Unified Court System website and boy, for one family, there sure is alot of docket numbers. http://iapps.courts.state.ny.us/webcivil/ecourtsMain

Here are the results:

The members of the Kakish family have been sued in the local civil court sixteen times. There is was a case in Dutchess County Supreme Court in which Mr. Kakish sued Roller Magic in 1996, the year he graduated high school. While small claims court only seeks damages up to $5,000 without a lawyer, Supreme Civil Court has monetary jurisdiction up to $25,000.00, including replevin when the value of the chattel does not exceed that amount.
Mr. Kakish's cousins and other members on the Nesheiwat side, 115 which they were the plantiffs and 152 in which they were defendents.

In Supreme Court, they were listed as plaintiffs in 72 cases and 72 cases in which there were the defendents.
And on an interesting note, Sue Serino's husband's law firm represented the Nesheiwat family in several court cases in which there were listed as the plaintiffs.

In the other name the family uses, Zeidan, there were 217  cases in local court, 26 of which they were defendents and 191 in which they were listed as plaintiffs. In Supreme court there are 33 cases in which they are the plaintiff and 17 in which they are the defendent.

One local case that I found most interesting as it happened in this community was the case of Carter vs. Mike's Auto, Inc. which can be further read as per the following website: http://law.justia.com/cases/new-york/other-courts/2010/2010-50692.html.

This case disturbed me most, not just because of the judge's opinion of the unethical business practices, but because of the lack of conscience of duping a person who appeared not to have much money out of the car they needed so much.

After all this research, it seems to me that the number of court cases for one family is exceedingly high and these numbers don't include the additional state and federal tax liens, judgements and convictions that are on file with the DC County Clerk's office.

Perhaps the community 'chatter' is justified after all.


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    October 2011