Several changes were made this past year when term limits were up in both the planning and zoning board to reflect the goals of the present board's focus on economic developments in the community. Many people that clung to the past ideals of Hyde Park as a 'tourist destination' vocalized their objections, including the Democrat supervisor candidate, Mr. Rohr as she wrote to the HV News in the 1/12/11 edition: 
TO THE EDITOR:The Hyde Park Town Board ran on the slogan “People Not Politics .” Many
Hyde Parkers hoped this meant the new team would put the welfare of residents
before their own personal issues. However, Supervisor Tom Martino and the
town board have demonstrated, once again, that what they really meant was to
silence all who dare to disagree.
Several highly regarded volunteers, including Emily Svenson, Lou Llelyveld
and Herb Sweet, with over 24 years of combined service on the Conservation Advisory Council and the Zoning Board of Appeals, were not reappointed to the positions they applied for. In the case of the Conservation Advisory Council, the failure to reappoint nullifies its ability to function. With the Zoning Board of Appeals, Hyde Park lost a member whose knowledge of the code is derived
from 18 years of study and training.
These valuable volunteers work free, providing information and advice to the town ’s planning and town boards on important land-use decisions. As most towns struggle to make ends meet, we ask elected officials utilize the resources at hand and govern with logic. Refrain from making decisions based on the rhetoric of a few. Instead, keep the interest of the majority at the center of your decisions.
Emily Svenson and Lou Llelyveld should be reappointed to the CAC, where five positions are open, and at the next opportunity, Herb Sweet should be reappointed to the ZBA. This would be “People Not Politics.”

I would like to make several key points concerning the topics she addresses in her letter.

1)Ms. Rohr states that this board 'silences' those that disagree. However, this is not different that Pompey Delafield turning off the microphone on residents at the town board meeting that didn't agree with him.

2) Ms. Rohr takes issue with the failure to reappoint previous zoning and planning board members. However, per NYS law, there is no provision stating that one HAS to be reappointed.
The same also applies to the zoning board:

So, similar to any other appointments, which include presidential or governor, when term limits are up, it doesn't necessarily mean that the board member HAS to be reappointed. This is for several reasons, which include reflecting the same goals as the administration they represent, and also the opportunity to allow others to sit on the Board. I should also add that while Mr. Rohr points out that the Board members possess training, ALL appointees MUST OBTAIN training per NYS law.

3) Towns DO NOT have to have Conservation Advisory Councils. It is up to the discretion of the town to create the council that serves as an advisory body per the following website which provides the responsibilities of the council.

I do want to also point out that New York State already has in places laws pertaining to environmental regulations, so this council is more or less as piggyback to those law which are generally more restrictive as demonstrated by the controveWetlands Law that was repealed in 2010.

While Ms. Rohr makes attempts, she fails to prove her case of WHY these members should be reappointed other than that they have over 18 years of experience and training.  She provides no information as to what they accomplishments they've achieved in office. As far as the Planning Board is concerned, the Shop Rite Plaza remains empty for years over an issue of the size of the sign, which can be said to demonstrate the failure of making comprises that could allow Hyde Park residents a new store to shop in. Most curious, is that New Paltz, which also has strict signage laws according to business owners, has a new Super Stop & Shop and a considerable amount of growth in the past twenty years.

I conclude that Ms. Rohr's letter reflects her views that include her years involved with Stop the Sprawl movement that discouraged commercial growth and fails to understand that the changes in CAC and the planning and zoning boards reflect the inclinations of the current board's campaign on bringing economic development to Hyde Park.
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