So, Sue Serino is the 'shining star of the Town Board.' Whomever coined Sue a 'shining star' more than likely failed astronomy as her performance at the October 24, 2011 meeting was more like a black hole.

Before you watch the video, please note, the placement of her Blackberry directly in front of her. Mr. Athanas wrote a comment on a previous blog that indicated she spent most of the meeting texting. It is observed that none of the other town board members have their phones out. 

It also appears that Sue and Barrack Obama have something in common. They can't read without the assistance of a script. Perhaps it is why she keeps the Blackberry in front of her at all times so she can receive 'guidance' from her mysterious puppeteer.
In this meeting:

Sue thought the budget was being voted on November 7th and obviously wasn't paying attention when Mr. Horan provided important dates. But then again, she didnt bother to attend last year's budget vote, so how would she know that towns are required to adopt a budget by Nov. 20th.

Sue also didn't know that the budget in her possession was THE preliminary budget, and exactly why does she favor the term 'guesstimate.' And yes, Sue, the preliminary budget is a 'demonstration' of the 2% tax cap.

I would also like to point out that since James Langan and his league of minions were not present at the meeting, the Town Board meeting was conducted in a professional and informative manner. Ultimately, it was Jim Langan, his cohorts and his paper that damaged Hyde Park, not this Town Board. The information that Mr. Martino and Mr. Taylor provided in this meeting was insightful and informative as to the extent of the potential financial crisis the town is facing with the implementation of of the tax cap law. Based upon their comments I dispute the accusations that have been made from Mr. Langan & Co. that they are withholding information or attempting to deceive the voters of this town.  

Unfortunately, the extensive knowledge of the present board will not be represented in this November's election due to Chairwoman Jean and her Gang of Four: Sue Serino, James Langan, Yancy McArthur and Ann Boehm. Based upon infighting within the party, the town will be losing out.

Instead, per the nominations of the HP Republican Town Committee you will have a 2x Bar Exam Flunkie, a 23 year old who doesn't pay his credit card bills, and a prostitute soliciting individual 'who's all business'. These are some of the choices you have that are on the ballot. 

The future is in your hands Hyde Park voters.

Below is a longer version of the meeting in which Mr Martino and Mr. Taylor provide more detailed information.