The writers at the HV News Lies received the below correspondence of a photo of Jim and Caroline Langan playing the part of Hyde Park's social climbers at $150 a person by attending Winnakee Land Trust's annual gala on June 23rd. In true social sycophant fashion, Jim and Caroline made sure to have a money shot taken, posing with John and Gloria Golden and appropriately published it in their newspaper.

The question as to why John and Gloria Golden would associate with the Langan who are currently embroiled in unresolved legal issues, let alone allow a photo be published publicizing this association is looming.
The writers at the HV News Lies have received information that John and Gloria Golden are supposedly bankrolling the Langans. After all, how does a couple that live on $866 a month have the ability to purchase tickets to a Gala that costs one-third of their monthy income. However, we do see that Jim and Caroline recycled the outfits that they wore to a previous Winnakee Land Trust event in the form of a tuxedo and white suit.

According to rumor, Jim Langan spends a great deal of time at John Golden's office and is reportedly writing a biography on John Golden. Speculation is that Jim and Caroline are waiting for the motherload that will be bestowed to them upon John Golden's passing.

If John Golden is bankrolling the Langans in attempts for publicity, it surely is a poor investment as no one reads or purchases the paper. Visits to several locations that carry the paper found that the same number of papers were there on a Tuesday that were there on the previous Wednesday when the paper was delivered.

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