The writers here at the HV News Lies have used the example of the actor John Wayne in this blog to illustrate certain values that individuals should embrace...but do not. What exactly does John Wayne represent? Many may associate his gritty and rugged character with 'toughness,' but the writers here at the HV Valley News Lies have agreed that he embodies more than that. He certainly represents patriotism, but more importantly, he he represents principle, integrity and honor.

Unfortunately, many individuals lack these valued traits and as we are discovering, many of these individuals are the ones that hold positions in political office.

The writers at the HV News Lies have been in receipt of a letter written by State Senator Steve Seland who is requesting leniency from Judge Eginton upon his friend, Vincent Liebelli. For those readers who are not familar with Mr. Liebelli, he is a convicted felon.  Mr. Liebelli was elected to the NYS Legislature and was elected as the Putnam County Executive, but resigned after an FBI investgation regarding federal corruption charges. Having been charged with more than 20 counts of felony charges, he pleaded guilty to two and is currently serving 21 months in a federal penitentiary.

However, despite having spent over $6.5 million dollars of taxpayer money over a period of 5 years to non-profit groups he controlled and receiving kickbacks, it is somehow okay because he was a 'good friend,' devoted and caring father and husband' who will be forever humiliated and disgraced.

Seriously? An individual that conducts illegal activites over a period of several years knows what they are doing is wrong and their actions are a mirror to the values they possess. Why would a State Senator excuse the behavior of a colleague that they know committed a crime?  And why should WE feel sorry for somone that is a thief? Senator Seland thinks that we should and attempts to use his political office to sway the judge to 'go easy' on Liebelli.

However,  despite that of the writer's, we leave the readers to develop their own opinion on this issue.
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