The writers at the HV News Lies find it amusing that the headline of an article in this weeks edition of the HV News asks, 'Where's the Money?' The writers would like to ask Jim Langan that question. For an individual that qualifies for New York State Medicaid, a program  that provides medical coverage for individuals, couples and familes that live at or below the poverty level, how he can afford to reside in such costly digs? Want to see how a couple that lives on $866 a month lives? Look no further...

However, the writers would like to address some of the indiscrepencies  in the article he authored:

1) Jim Langan cites the financial problems of the last town administration, but he fails to note that Hyde Park's financial problems have been ongoing for several years. The 2006 and 2009 audits identified many of the same issues that were in existence in 2010. The one constant of all these financial audits was  the individual responsible for the financial records, Joanne Lown. Joanne Lownis named as being responsible for the finances on a temporary basis until a Comptroller can be hired. Is this coincidence? The writers at the HV News Lies think not.  Will the town have to re-enter into contract with the auditing firm afterJoanne butchers the town finances? We think so. 
We are of the opinion that Aileen made an unwise decision by terminating
 the contract.

2) Having a financial audit of two years of the town's finances and providing results of the 2009 audit at a town board meeting can hardly be called secretive. The auditing firm gave a presentation as to the results and the difficulties they encountered while conducting the audit. The writers would like to point out that the auditing firm did NOT give a presentation as to the results of thr 201o audit which indicates that they could present possible incorrect information to the public in attempts to shroud the errors made by Joanne Lown.  Perhaps Joanne Lown would care to explain the errors that were identified in those auditing reports, however, we must keep in mind that Ms. Lown blamed the errors on a co-worker that had just recently passed away that she referred to as one of her 'closest friends' on obituary pages published online.  You may also read the e-mail in which a rather significant error was identified.

3) The town board mentioned that the bonds for the police/court facility could not be found. The reason why the police/court facility bonds would not be found in the 2010 because the bonds were not applied until 2011.