The sources used by the HV News Lies again proved to be accurate. In a calculated move by Aileen & Co., the position of Senior Account Clerk was created specifically intended to bring back Joanne Lown to Town Hall using the excuse of having to follow civil service policy and procedures. Joanne, who has worked in a part-time capacity at Dutchess Community College, will certainly accept the offer of full-time employment that offers a salary of $37,000 with fringe benefits. The fringe benefits are in the ballpark of approximately $25,000.

We should remind the readers that Joanne was responsible for numerous significant errors which included one of $757,000 which is detailed in the below documents.

The looming question is: Why would Aileen & Co wish to reinstate an individual who was negligent of practicing accurate bookkeeping procedures?

Sources have also confirmed that Joanne also released confidential information to certain individuals, specifically Jim Langan and Michael Dupree that are substantiated by e-mail records through her use of her previous town e-mail account. By reinstating her to this position, this could be compensation for her past deeds of passing along sensitive information to individuals who were not intended to receive it.

The writers of the HV News Lies would also like to point out a remark made by Aileen Rohr which is contradictory. Using logic, much like one learned in high school mathmatics classes, use your analytical thinking skills:

*She stated that monthly reports were given out in the past by Joanne Lown and,

*Michelle Zagorski indicated that the current accounting software system does not have the capability to create reports and,

*It was substaniated by the 2006 & 2009 audit reports that bank reconciliations were not performed and accurate records kept.

Then how can these monthly reports be valid? Was Joanne Lown creating false records to appease elected officials and other support staff?

Furthermore, in a slap in the face, the Comptroller's salary was reduced significantly, supposedly voluntarily, but one can think of no individual that would happily take a pay cut under ANY circumstance.

Another topic discussed was the tree removal performed by Steve Costa and if the procedure to approving the work performed followed town code.

The town attorney went on to elaborate that certain policies of placing the job out for bid would need to be followed. Perhaps this attorney should do further research BECAUSE those that are in contract with the town ARE exempt from following bidding procedures. Mr. Martino, the previous town supervisor did not violate town code in this instance. Also below is a copy of the estimate prepared by Steve Costa which was faxed to the attention of Walter Doyle, which is in the ballpark of $168,000. Payment was to be made upfront. Do note that the estimate indicates that Steve Costa's staff drove around themselves, something that Walt Doyle was supposed to have done which also is why half of the job cost was requested upfront (they noted they had alot of time into the job already). Mr. Martino negotited for a much lower amount. Note that it indicates that the work was ordered by Thomas Martino AND Walter Doyle on each of the prepared estimates.

Walt Doyle, who is responsible for highways, which includes tree removal and clean-up, dropped the ball here. Not only did he fail to take inventory of the conditions of the downed trees, he also was negligent in reviewing the proposed estimate. Sources indicate that he did not review this estimate and furthermore Steve Costa was still in the process of cleaning up storm debris as of December 31, 2011. Has Walt Doyle checked on the progress of this clean-up? Most likely not because he most likely is spending the majority of his time at his usual haunts rather than working.

The current town board has excluded Walter Doyle from blame and instead thanked him for his exceptional service. This 'exceptional' service consists of spending a considerable amount time at Milligan's Landscaping and driving around in a town truck while collecting a salary.  Rumor has it that Walt Doyle is on the take and supposedly there are documents that may support this allegation. So why is the town board protecting this man?