I was made aware of the following letter that is being sent out:


On September 16, 2011, Jim Langan, the editor of THE HUDSON VALLEY NEWS, will be hosting a fundraiser for one of Congressman Chris Gibson’s favorite charitable causes at his home in Hyde Park, NY.  The proceeds of this event are to benefit brain injured veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan military campaigns.  

In the past, Jim Langan has expressed an open contempt for the military and those who have served our country. Among his contemptuous actions toward those who have served, he has called two members of the Town of Hyde Park, Town Board “Nazis”. This outrageous claim was made to discredit these two individuals because both are retired military. Langan, who never served our country, has serious issues with ex-military.

It is of the author’s opinion that Jim Langan is hosting this event not because he is concerned about the rehabilitation of those who have been injured in the service of our country. Langan’s motivation smacks of political undercurrent.  Langan wishes to capitalize and exploit Chris Gibson and his favorite cause (not to mention those who have been grievously injured) so that he may achieve a degree of respectability and direct access to an within Republican political circles. This is all typical Jim Langan.

It is emphasized that the author does not condemn the cause for which this event is being held.  The author does condemn the-would be host of this event for the manner in which he is exploiting both this noble cause and Congressman Gibson’s commitment to our wounded heroes solely for his own aggrandizement.


Please contact Chris Gibson’s office to express your opinion on this issue. Those who have served, or who have loved one who have served, or been battle wounded or paid the ultimate price in the defense of our liberties should contact Congressman Gibson’s office at:

P.O. Box 775

Kinderhook, NY  12106

(518) 610-8133

(202) 225-5614

This is interesting because as an owner and editor of a newspaper, he most likely will have this featured in his paper, thus receiving profits through sales. What is Mr. Langan requesting from Mr. Gibson in return for attending this event? So, the question is, does this violate NYS Election Law?

 § 17–112. Soliciting media support

Any person who solicits from a candidate for an elective office money or other property as a condition or consideration for a supporting article, report or advertisement in any publication or news media in favor of such candidate, is guilty of a misdemeanor.

I should also add, that Ms. Serino, who is frequently featured as the subject of his articles in his attempts to portray her as the 'lone ranger' in the fight against the Big Bad Board (including his blatant support of her) advertises in his paper.

What the public should question is Mr. Gibson's willing to attend an event by an newspaper editor who:

1) Is not only inaccurate in the stories he publishes, but controversial and offensive through his published articles.

2) Has allowed Ms. McArthur, a guest columnist, who is the subject of a voter fraud investgation to publish her columns in his paper.
3) Why exactly are the interests that Mr. Langan has in hosting this event at his home? What does he expect in return? I'm sure that given his character, he is not doing this out of the goodness of his heart.