By The Hudson Valley News Lies  Staff

A Jim Langan sighting at Cranberry’s  recently. It was said that Langan reeked of liquor and his personal hygiene was  in need of immediate attention (the stench was over whelming.Jim Langan is a known thief and  deadbeat, liar, coward, fraud and alleged pant wetter. We believe that Langan  slept through Hygiene 101 not to mention Honesty 101. 
John Bickford, The Two Smartest Men in  Hyde Park, is still pursuing his goal of being appointed to the Hyde Park  Planning board so that his inconsolable need for public attention may be  quenched. Bickford has been
turned down twice since not being reappointed by former supervisor Tom Martino. Martino was quite aware that Bickford’s continued  presence on the Planning Board would be potentially disastrous to the commercial  development in the community. Obviously, Bickford has no respect for himself as  he has been told that he is not wanted on the planning board by two  administrations.

Jim and Caroline Langan’s Ledgewood  estate has changed listing real estate brokers again. The Langan’s are in  bankruptcy and allegedly living on Jim’s $866.00 social security check. We have  heard that the property is a hard sell due to structural integrity issues. 

Town Democrats have once again rolled  out the semi-senile Bob Arata to speak at town board meetings. Shame on the  Democrats! Why do they subject this
old man to this indignity especially since  he hasn’t the slightest idea of what is going one? Where is Michael Dupree’s  compassion?

Roosevelt Fire Commissioner McArthur  does not understand what the Fire Code of New York State involves. He continues  to park his unattended oil tanker
truck at his residence on Franklin Road in  violation of the Fire Code. McArthur is endangering the life and property of  himself and his neighbors. This narcissist just doesn’t give a hoot about  anyone. We have learned that McArthur is upset because a complaint has been  filed with the town concerning this egregious violation of the fire code. Let’s  not forget that Commissioner McArthur is pushing for a new Roosevelt Fire House. 

Rumor has it that more legal paper may  be served upon members of the Rohr Town Board by Steve Costa. Let's not forget  that among other charges in Costa's complaint against these individuals is Extortion and Fraud. Could it be that these charges along with  supporting documents have or will be submitted to state and federal authorities?  The next several months should prove to be interesting. We hope that the town  board has deep pockets to pay for their legal defense. Hint, hint Mr.  Dupree.