FYI: Records of those that attended and voted in the Republican caucus and Independent primary are on file and may be obtained through a FOIL request with the Board of Elections. Perhaps you too can do your own sleuthing and uncover possible voter fraud. And if you happen to see Mr. Haight at the BOE, please do remind him  of the alegbra exercises he should be doing to avoid remarking  that 30 of the 45 voters out of 697 represents the consensus of the majority (and more than likely most of the 45 voters consisted of Mr. Kakish's family and friends of the McArthurs she had registered out of her home).
Breakdown of Party Affiliations in Hyde Park

 Today's Poughkeepsie Journal published an article surrounding the upcoming election and the circumstances applying to  the candidate endorsements and nominations.|topnews|text|

The following paragraph was included in that article:
Jean McArthur said the fact that Kakish beat Martino by a 138-to-49 vote at the GOP caucus shows that rank-and-file Republicans, as well as the party leadership, were unsatisfied with Martino and the other incumbents seeking re-election.

In a proceeding paragraph, it provided the number of registered Republicans registered in Hyde Park as being 3846.

Do a little math and the number of voters that turned out to the caucus is approximately 5%.  The 138 that voted against Tom Martino represent 3% of of the voters and in attendence were a majority of Mr. Kakish's tribal family. So questioning their registration as many of them live in Poughkeepsie, realistically, that number may be 2%.

Another statement made by Erik Haight read as follows:

"I think what you have is a mandate from the Independence voters in Hyde Park that they were not happy with the current regime led by Tom Martino," said Dutchess County Board of Elections Commissioner Erik Haight, a Republican.

Perhaps Mr. Haight should become familar with algebra, because out of 45 votes in the Independence primary, Joe Kakish received 30 of them. Does 30 votes out of the amount of registered Independents really reflect the whole Independent party?

In a side note, the love lost between Erik Haight and Tom Martino supposedly resulted when Tom Martino refused to buy a group health insurance plan from Mr. Haight at an inflated price (higher than the town's current plan) in a pay for play scheme when Mr. Martino first became supervisor. Ken Stenger was also to rumored to be involved with this scheme.  See how shady politics is?

So, is the statements Jean McArthur and Erik Haight made that these votes reflect the general concensus of the voters even relevant? They should take into consideration that many of the voters present at the Republican caucus (approximatey 90 more than at the 2009) were family members of Joseph Kakish and as he is part of a tribe, there are alot of them out there.

The question as to how effective if the Republican party to involve the their voters is questionable if only 3% of the voters turn out to nominate a candidate.

Could it be that many voters that publicaly supported Tom Martino were threatened or intimidated by the so-called 'party bosses'? According to reports, this is not a tactic that is unfamiliar to them. This tactic is one that may reflect the 'elitist' strategy in which a select few that are in the 'cliche' have the power to exert influence and make decisions.

Also noted that Kakish's claim to be a member of the Knights of Columbus was not included in the candidate profile written by John Davis.