E-mails were sent to the  Hyde Park Democrats and Republican town Committees making an inquiry as to the criteria of why James Kennedy Langan was chosen to represent the town.

Let's see if a reply will be received.




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Dear Sir or Madam:   In light of the recent discovery that Mr. James Kennedy Langan had embezzled and was found guilty of the charges that were brought against him, I am inquiring if Mr. Langan continue to act as the moderator to the supervisor debate this upcoming October.   In addition to the embezzlement charges, there are also several discrepencies that I would like to point out in regards to claims Mr. Langan has made. In a New York Time article, http://www.nytimes.com/1997/06/01/style/caroline-m-carey-james-k-langan.html Mr. Langan claims to have graduated from Boston College. The records from the class of 1968 through 1971 were checked and verified and Mr.Langan was not listed among the graduates of any of the classes. In another claim, Mr. Langan claims to have employed in the capacity of a presidential aide, however, as there is no record of having graduated from the college he lists as being alumni, which is required for the position. His claim to being a presidential aide is as follows: http://www.blogger.com/profile/17172847810021481133 Mr. Langan was employed as a broker, beginning in 1972 through the time he was discharged for theft in 1980. He was found guilty in absentia as he essentially 'skipped town.' http://www.nyse.com/pdfs/81-073.pdf   Mr. Langan's claims to being the Executive Producer to the Morton Downey Jr. Show were also verified to false. Mr. Langan served as the writer for the show. http://tv.yahoo.com/morton-downey-jr-show/show/32239/castcrew   Presently, the above is the claims that he has made that have been able to dispelled. Most likely, there may be more.   The concern that I as well as many others that an individual that has a history of theft, fraud and making false claims will be serving as a representative in the town's election process and would like to receive an explanation as to the criteria of how this individual was chosen.   Thank you for your consideration into this matter.   Sincerely, AD