he·gem·o·ny [ hə jémmənee ]   
authority or control: control or dominating influence by one person or group, especially by one political group over society or one nation over others

The writers at the HV News Lies are disappointed to learn that either through ignorance or coercion, Chairwoman Jean was elected to head the Hyde Park Republican GOP for yet another year. It is rather daunting that a woman who firstly lacks a formal education (it is questionable if she did indeed graduate high school), lacks the necessary leadership skills and uses duress in order achieve desired outcomes is again in a position of power. 

I would like to point out some similarites that Chairwoman Jean and Chairman Mao share:

I. Chairman Mao's application of power and influence was mainly behind the scenes. It was his deputy, Lin Biao that called upon the youth of China to partake in the destructive Cultural Revolution in a mass rally in August of 1966.
Chairwoman Jean uses her power to influence the candidate (s) that her and her cohorts find to run for office. In the case of Kakish, he was most likely found on the unemployment line. 

II. Mao stuggled to retain power throughout his failed policies and programs. He took the opportunity to deflect his failures onto other, letting them take the blame...and was able to retain his power.
Jean has been guilty of the same. When Tom Martino & Co. sued Jean and her cohorts of violating NYS by-laws, she attempted to deflect her actions and place blame on the opposition using such excuses as 'They stopped communicating.' If I had to deal with Jean McArthur, I'd stop communicating with her too.

III. Mao and the Communist Party censored the press shortly after they took power in 1949. In the party's constitution Article 25-26, the party stipulates that
newspapers, like individual members of the party, shall never openly make any statement or express views on any issue relating to party policy without instructions from the appropriate authorities of the party
. Violations of this policy ranged from imprisonment to death.
Jean has instructed the Town Committee members from reading the contents to this site. In addition, should you disagree with her, as did the current town board, punishment will be swift and thorough, as they found themselves blacklisted and not re-endorsed.

IV. Mao and the party utilized propaganda to their advantage to remain in power. The Propaganda Department was instrumental in controlling the flow of information, and in 1963, the full-blown propaganda campaign of the Lei-Feng, the "extra-ordinary" soldier  who heroically displayed self sacrifice to appeal to the nation's youth. This Lei-Feng was nothing more than fictitious invention.
Jean and the committee endorse Kakish & Co. Kakish claimed to be 1) an attorney 2) a responsible business owner 3) a Knights of Columbus member 4) a volunteer with the local fire department and 5) a parishioner with the local church. Mr. Kakish claims were nothing more than a story of fiction as he 1) failed the bar exam twice and is NOT an attorney 2) has an incredible amount of debt, most recent is the tax warrant issued against his business he bragged about, Kakish Daycare 3) his time as a volunteer with the FD left him clueless as to the issues Fairview is faced with and 4) the Knights of Columbus and Regina Coeli don't have a record of his membership.

V. Mao used coercion through the use of force to retain power. The purges disguised as campaigns to induce national pride were nothing more than expunging those that disagreed with him.
Jean uses unsavory tactics to expunge those that pose a threat to her and her position. How many people have come and gone on the GOP Town Committee as a result of her? How many people has she threatened to undermind?

VI. Mao and the party were famous for their slogans to arouse mass support for their cause. "To Rebel is Justified" and "Serve the People" are just two of the many. They used national patriotism make themselves more appealing to the masses.

Jean uses her "American patriotism" in attempts to make her and her husband more appealing. Yancy loves to wear the amercian flag pinned onto to his suit in televised interviews and to events. Ever driven by Payless Oil and seen the large American flag located behind the window? It's all a front, because if they actually did hold true to the American ideals, then they wouldn't have to make use of the practices of totalitarianism to keep themselves in power. Rumor has it that Yancy refers to Payless Oil as "Town Hall East." He should be refering to to "Simpleton Hall East"