Note: The writers at the HV News Lies have received word that Mr. & Mrs. Langan were in attendence at Marc Molinaro's inaugurartion...and ignored by most that were present. Apparently word has gotten out throughout the area that Mr. Langan is a thief, both through word of mouth and through an apparent mass mailing of several thousand letters that included the NYSE decision to ban him from life from membership.

Christmas Wish for Hyde  Park

Approximately ten years ago, a blight arrived in
the Town of Hyde  Park in the persons of James Kennedy Langan and his
significant other, Caroline  Mary Carey. The then newly arrived couple arrived
in our community with a  specific agenda: to be THE leading couple on the Hyde
Park social scene and most  importantly, to be the dynamic duo of Hyde Park
politics. They became involved  in civic groups such as The Winnakee Land Trust
and the Friends of Staatsburg.  Caroline was even appointed as a member of the
Hyde Park Planning Board. James  Kennedy Langan went so far as to host a party
at his grand house, which may go  into foreclosure, at which a congressman would
be in attendance. However, things  went South for Mr. Langan when the
congressman was informed of Mr. Langan’s  thieving past. 
That is correct, thieving  past. The Langans were poised to become Hyde
Park’s premier social and political  couple. Perhaps they perceived themselves
as the successors to their neighbors,  the Vanderbilts. They even wanted to out
shine the perennial political couple  Jean and Yancy

The  Langans ingratiated themselves to those
people whom they thought would be of  benefit to their social climbing agenda.
Pompey Delafield, Michael Dupree and  other members of the Hyde Park Democratic
Committee. They even befriended  several Republican who appear to be troubled
individuals such as Sue Serino,  John Bickford and of course Mr. & Mrs.
Republican themselves-the McArthurs.

Kennedy  Langan went so far as to launch a newspaper which he thought would be
his  vehicle to fame and fortune. However, James Kennedy Langan used this
vehicle  which had great potential, to vent his deeply rooted psychological
frustrations  through his weekly diatribes against those who possessed qualities
that he could  never possess. What qualities you may ask? Honesty is one. Why?
Unbeknownst to  most people in the Hyde Park Community, James Kennedy Langan was
harboring a  dirty secret. James Kennedy Langan is a thief. You may see for
yourself at this  link:


As of  late, James Kennedy Langan, a known thief,
has made Mr. James Monks, a member of  the current Town Board the object of his
latest rant. Mr. Monks is retired  military. Mr. Monks served his country for
more than twenty-five years. It is  doubtful that Mr. Langan ever wore so much
as a Cub Scout uniform. It is also  rumored that Mr. Langan is a coward. He only
terrorizes the old and infirm. It  has been alleged that he wet himself when
confronted by a younger man who called  him on one of his many lies. Perhaps Mr.
Langan would appreciate gifts of  Depends shipped to his

Mr. and  Mrs. Langan are also deadbeats. This is
a matter of public record. As of this  writing, they have more than $40,000.00
in judgments against them with more on  their way, so rumor has it. We do find
it ironic that the Langans, through their  obnoxious publication are quick to be
critical of others when they possess so  much baggage. Mr. Langan is a known
this and the Mrs. Has $40,000.00 in  judgments against her.

It is our  hope that for this Christmas season,
the Langans vile newspaper goes “belly-up” and the Langans remove themselves
from our community as quickly as possible and  never

As a post  script to this Christmas wish list.
Will somebody please donate a muzzle to John  Bickford? This individual just
does not know when to keep his mouth

I believe that there is great concern for the future of the Hyde Park  Police department. Just a few years ago, I was in support of abolishing  the department completely and having the Sheriff’s department take over.  One of the many reasons for this attitude was the lack of leadership  that the department had. Both prevouios Chief’s McKenna and Goddard  failed to make the HP police department into a respectful entity of our  town. Not until Chief Broe came to the scene did the police department  actually gained support of the residents of HP. In a short time he took  the department and turned it around to a respectful department we see  today. I believe that this was done due to the fact that Chief Broe had  no association with the HP police department prior to becoming Chief.  He had no political influence in this town and did not know anyone on  the force to give them any kind of special treatment. I find it  disturbing that there is talk of bringing back previous Chiefs to run  the department again. I also find it disturbing that Goddard officially  retired than turned around and sued the town for wrongful termination. I  find it disturbing that Truitt retired shortly after Goddard  demonstrating that their relationship is probably closer than  professional and spoke out against the town board at the time in Godards  behalf. I find it disturbing that Truitt, Goddard and McKenna all now  work for the Village of Fishkill and are all looking to get their foot  back in the door.  Goddard is their Lt. and Truitt is now on the Town  Board and has the power to hire these men back.  This sounds like a  conflict of interest and a case of favoritism to friends of politicians.  These men left the Police force for a reason and should not be brought  back due to the fact due to the fact that there is hard proof that both  these men neglected their duties  and have developed personal  relationships with the entire department making it difficult to be a  commanding officer. I truly believe that if Truitt is responsible for  this band wagon that he should step down from his political position  because he not looking out for best interest of the town but rather the  best interest of his current friends and boss.