After a short sabbatical, the writers here at the HV News Lies found that certain documents were making there way around certain circles, specifically the will of Caroline Carey's father, David M. Carey. It appears that Mr. Carey was a prominent and successful businessman having been the former Chairman of Pedersen Golf Club Co. and Albany Hyatt Billiard Ball, Vice President-Treasurer of American Chain and Cable Co., Secretary-Treasurer of Gold Fields American Corp. and director of and director of MacDermid and Covert Manufacturing Co.

Ms. Carey herself was a former trader working for serveral brokerage firms and this experience may provide her the knowledge on how to move funds off shore in order to hide financial resources. She was also appointed as a trustee to any trust funds her father created through his will.

The question is, are the Langans hiding money? How do they live in a multi-million dollar house on $866 a month?  How are they able to publish their paper with a deficit of almost $12,000 a month in expenses? These are answers that the 2004 Examination that they are ordered to appear will discover.

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    May 2012