I've written alot about the fallicies and misconceptions that are on the Republican side. Now it's time for me to examine the opposition, the Democrats. Who's running for supervisor? Aileen Rohr. Not that I'm going to repeat any rumors, but I'll just leave it that her reputation proceeds her.  Let's take a look at her website and the inconsistencies that are written. 

Aileen Rohr is a life-long resident of Hyde Park and partner in a family business that manages residential and commercial properties.  She is running for Town Supervisor in order to help revitalize our town centers; assist new businesses interested in opening here; support existing ones to help them thrive or expand; and to bring back open, transparent management of the town’s finances

Rohr’s municipal experience includes:

  • Hyde Park Planning Board, 2009-present
  • Zoning Board of Appeals, 2008-2009
  • Hyde Park Economic Development Committee, 2007-2009
  • River Access Advisory Committee, chair
  • Hyde Park Visual Environment Committee, chair
Somehow she forgot to mention the time she spent as the spokesperson for Stop the Sprawl, the movement that goes hand in hand with NOT bringing economic development to Hyde Park. Here’s a newsletter representing Stop the Sprawl:   http://www.sprawl-busters.com/search.php?readstory=276

And another instance of how she tells large property owners what they can do with their land: http://saveyourtown.com/press/04/1121KF.html

And even more interesting: http://www.abouttown.us/dutchess/articles/spring06/fearnot.shtml


 As a property owner and manager in neighboring towns, she has first-hand experience with how other municipalities handle critical issues like property maintenance and believes Hyde Park can emulate the best of their approaches.  As a member of the Planning Board, Rohr has gained the necessary understanding of the planning process and developed insights into how town governments can work collaboratively with developers and government agencies to give residents more of what they want – vital, visually appealing commercial centers.  She believes in focusing on the common ground as a tool for achieving goals.

Aileen Rohr has stated that she thinks that the empty storefronts should be filled without building. This presents problems. First off, it is illegal to force a retailer into an empty store. Secondly, many of the empty buildings in town are outdated. For example, the Ames Plaza’s septic system, which is no longer an approved type would need to be replaced. Thirdly, considering the outdated buildings, do you really think that a retailer would want to move into an existing building? They are going to tear down the buildings and build new. And in addition, Ms. Rohr was appointed to the Planning Board by Pompey Delafield. This is the same Planning Board that gave Stop & Shop the run around based upon the ridiculous 18” signage rule. 

Rohr’s first priority if elected as Supervisor will be to restore the financial health Hyde Park enjoyed under our previous administrations. When the last Democrat-led Board left office, there was almost $1,000,000 in the ‘rainy day’ fund balance.  She believes the present Town Board over-estimated income and underestimated expenses in their 2011 budget; thus, the likelihood of fiscal problems is significant. The current administration has not lived up to its financial responsibilities by not issuing a 2010 year end report, despite being required to under state law, and she and Team Hyde Park are prepared to tackle the work that will be needed to restore the town’s fiscal integrity.

Note: She ‘BELIEVES’ that the present Board overestimated.
Concerning the 2010 Budget, and this is VERY IMPORTANT. The 2010 Budget was created by the previous Democratic Town Board. The same town board that supposedly had financial health? Remember, the current town board was sworn in on Jan. 1, 2010.  They only created they 2011 budget. You know, the one that had a 0.9 % increase in taxes. The Democratic Town Board fell short of many things. One being the funding of the Lieutenant position that was not filled until the present town board was able to re-fund it. Another was the much needed repairs that to the Town Hall that needed to be done. Apparently the roof had been leaking for almost 8 years before the current Town Board voted to make those repairs.

As far as the budget not being released? The 2009 and 2010 budget and town finances are under going an audit. Why? A source at Town Hall stated that the Bookkeeper (the one whose position was dissolved in 2010) created a 'rat’s nest' out of the finances. Apparently Ms. Lown was only keeping a one sided book for the past eleven years, so a forensic auditor is attempting to try and piece together the history of credits and debits which were not recorded correctly. From this same source, due to the extreme mismanagement of the bookkeeper's record keeping there are two key issues: 1) they don't have an exact figure of the monetary funds  and 2)the number reports that Ms. Lown had been issuing out were false.   
If Ms. Rohr is basing her 'financial wealth' statement on the reports that were issued out during the past administration, she should probably be aware that all that information is FALSE.
 A report should be due out within the next few weeks from the auditors that will put to end the speculation of the Town Board 'hiding' things.

Rohr’s team will do this while promoting a more vital and attractive downtown, with more shopping and dining opportunities.  A mother of three daughters, Rohr recognizes that Hyde Park is a wonderful town in which to raise a family, with many assets that both residents and visitors enjoy.  She believes that, “by building on our assets, we can move Hyde Park forward.”

Okay, there are a few problems with a downtown-shopping district.

1)      Hyde Park does not have a sewer district. If new buildings are built, an onsite sewage treatment plant would need to be built along with it. Where are all these treatment plants going to go?

2)      The cost to put in sewer lines for a sewer system is approx. $300 a foot.  You do the math.

3)      Regardless of what you may have heard, the projects that were considered in the ‘downtown’ area, behind the CVS Plaza, were NOT shovel ready. Not only is it shale that would require blasting, there was also issues with DOT regulations. Notice the project was quickly and quietly abandoned.

4) Where exactly is this 'downtown' area of Hyde Park? Last I knew Hyde Park really didn't have a downtown 'area'.

Because of the above circumstances, the current Town Board has several proposed projects that would be located by the St. Andrews light, which is and has been approved by the DOT for a 4 way stop as well being shovel ready.

In conclusion, I think Ms. Rohr spent a bit too much time with Mary Jane because I still have no idea where this 'downtown' area is going to be.
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