The writers at the HV News Lies received correspondence that included an e-mail from Yancy McArthur to another individual in regards to the latest sign stealing caper.

Either the Hyde Park Highway Superintendent was correct in saying that Mr. McArthur only had an eighth grade education, or someone got into Mr. McArthur's head and fueled by anger and rage, typed out his e-mail and forgot to spell check the grammatical errors. Nonetheless, his carelessness in grammer can be correlated to his carelessness when he decided to dispose of stolen campaign signs in the dumpster behind his place of business. 

This is an individual that is supposed to be a professional yet he most likely spent a significant amount of time pondering over what he was going to write, which in the end, was a waste of his entire day. This is an embarrassment that he sends out menacing e-mails to a man that everyone knows and agrees that is harmless, and not the mastermind behind the 'conspiracy' against Yancy McArthur. This is not the behavior becoming a representative of Hyde Park in the GOP party nor as an elected fire commissioner who is supposed to uphold and demonstrate ethical behavior.

We found the respondent's reply quite humorous:

Thank you for your intrest in this matter sir,and is there any truth to the latest rumor ya may be running for Dog Catcher here sir?

The writers at the HV News Lies have heard rumors that a local business owner is being vetted to assume the role of the Chairperson of the Hyde Park Republican GOP as plans to out Mr. McArthur's blushing bride as the current chairperson. Perhaps this is a factor of fueling Yancy's lashing out at anyone that has talked or mentioned his criminal act? We also stress that Yancy instructs the receiver of this e-mail to stay out of Hyde Park politics. Since when do voters need permission to be involved in political functions and affiliations. According to Yancy McArthur is seems you do.

We also should note that Mr. McArthur certainly knows alot of what Thomas Martino is doing at 11pm. Is in fact Yancy McArthur following Thomas Martino and Neil DiCarlo on these nocturnal outings to witness their alleged sign stealing? And if they were stealing signs, then why didn't he alert the police? We have learned that they are neighbors and keeping tabs on what your neighbor is doing when you should be sleeping certainly sounds like stalking to the writers at the HV News Lies.

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I suggest you do not get involved in Republican politics since you do not know the details surrounding the signs, you are going on Martino and DiCARLO HEAR SAY.  People with glass houses should not throw stones, Sue Serino should of had you arrested and filed a complaint against you when you were catch red handed stealing her signs!!!! I hope people will look at all the good Steve
Saland has done for the district not just one vote. And for the record DiCARLO can promise you the moon I doubt you or I will see a whistlel stop in our life
times. Also for the record DiCarlo was coming to Hyde Park every night at 11 PM and he and Martino were catch stealing Saland signs, I guess it is ok BECUASE
YOU are supporting DiCarlo!!! Godd Luck