The writers at the HV News Lies have learned of specific details in regards to the incident involving Yancy McArthur, former Hyde Park supervisor and his wife, Jean, the Chairwoman of the Hyde Park Republican Committee that occured on the night of September 1, 2012. Yancy McArthur was observed by removing campaign signs that had been placed on Rt. 9G in close proximity of the Haviland Shopping Center. A call to the police was made, who responded to the complaint. Mr. McArthur stated to the police that he was a campaign worker of Neil DiCarlo and he was simply 'relocating' the signs. He later changed his story when the police officer identified the incongruities in this statement (and that it was DiCarlo workers that had observed him in the act) and stated he was in fact working for Steve Saland and a cache of signs, including those that had been destroyed with what appears to be a boxcutter were found in the dumpster located behind his place of business. Also present when the police officer responded was Jean McArthur who allegedly showed up at the dumpster unit to perhaps remove the evidence of their larcenous acts before an officer arrived. Conflicting information was apparently given. Yancy McArthur at first admitted to removing the signs to the but then attempted to place the blame on one of the individuals present. 

We have been informed that the authorities are attempting to get a tally on the number of signs that   McArtur removed so that a possible charge of petty
larceny will  be upgraded up to a Class E felony.

The question is, did Yancy McArthur steal these signs with the blessing of Steve Saland's campaign?
The writers at the HV News Lies have learned that Yancy McArthur, former Hyde Park Town Supervisor and former hopeful candidate for the 106th Assembly District was observed stealing campaign signs for Neil DiCarlo on the night of September 1, 2012. A call to the Hyde Park police department was made by the observers and an officer responded to take the complaint.

While his action may seem trivial to many, the readers must bear in mind that campaign signs are considered private property and removal of the signs without permission is considered to be petite larceny, but as a politician, Yancy McArthur must have been aware of this. His actions also call into question his ethical values and principles, especially considering that Neil DiCarlo is a fellow republican who is running for state senate.

According to rumor, Yancy McArthur was disposing the signs in all places...the garbage dumpster located directly behind his business, Pay-less Oil and allegedly, many of the signs were shredded and destroyed which may or may not reflect possible anger management issues that he possesses.

The writers at the HV News Lies also call into question his intellectual capabilities. How stupid must one be that they dispose of stolen property in a dumpster located directly behind their place of business.  We are not dealing with a great criminal mastermind here folks.

More details to follow.