Breaking news: The writers at the HV News Lies have received correspondence in the form of a police report that reads as follows: William Truitt was at the bar area of the Gun and Rod Club. He pulls out his pistol to 'show' the other patrons. He is putting it back in the rear pocket of his pants. The gun discharges. The police respond to the call and take possession of his firearm and advise him to find a ride home. What does this report tell us? It suggests that William Truitt was possibly intoxicated. It also suggests that as a police officer, he does not practice and follow proper firearm safety. Bill hopefully learned a lesson from this unfortunate event...firearms and alcohol DO NOT mix.

The writers at the HV News Lies are wondering: Why would anyone pull out their gun out at a bar to 'show others'? What does it say about the character of an individual whose responsibility it is to uphold the law which includes applying safety procedures to protect the welfare of others when the are irresponsible with an instrument that has the ability to kill. Imagine if this gun discharged and he accidently shot someone in the bar while he was 'showing it off' presumably under the influence of alcohol (after all, people DO drink at bars). If this the type of individual that you want protecting and serving you?
Please refer to the below image which is a police report of the incident and remember to ask Bill Truit if he is gluteus healed since this incident.