Unlike the illustrious gathering of Mrs. Astor's Famous Four Hundred, Jim and Caroline were not surrounded by any of their closest friends at their bankruptcy hearing on April 12, 2012. The writers at the HV News Lies received a copy of the above invitation but due to a prior engagement were not able to join the Langans with two non-perishable food items and cash.
However, the writers at the HV News Lies were able to learn of the outcome of their hearing. We received an e-mail this very afternoon that contained the following information. It seems that the trustee is rather suspicious of the Langans claim that they are residing in a million dollar home on an income that is below the federal poverty level and will be paying the Langans a visit at home to appraise their furniture and home goods. 
Do the Langans possess the typical snot nose kid's attitude of a sense of entitlement? It may have worked in prep school, but bankruptcy fraud is a rather serious offense that's not excused with a weekend confined to campus. It is punishable by a $500,000 fine and/or prison time. We are of the opinion that prison may just do the couple some good.

We have been informed that James Kennedy Langan and  Caroline Carey did not have a very good day at their bankruptcy hearing on April  12th. The bankruptcy trustee viewd the virtual tour of their home and announced  that he will be inspecting their home with an appraiser. Apparently, the trustee  does not believe their tale of woe about having only $2500.00 worth of  furnishings. They also received a warning that they were not to dispose of any of  their property. Jimm was a bad boy. He sold a motor vehicle without the permission  of the trustee. That did not put the trustee in a very good mood. According to  those present, Jim also told the trustee that he, Jim the Entitled, will not let  the trustee sell his prized Willie Mays autographed baseball. That attitude did  not make the trustee very happy as well. We have also been informed that the  Langans could not make up their minds as to where their money went. The trustee  would not buy their story of monthly expenditures in excess of $12,000.00 and a  monthly income of $866.00. They did however admit that they have not made a  mortgage payment in more that a year. That was perhaps the first time that the  truth passed from their lips in ages. Talk about finances being a mess! Jim and  Caroline canclaim that Joann Lown was their bookkeeper. The court will  surely understand.