The writers here at the HV News Lies have heard the rumors flying that Aileen Rohr is considering appointing Sharon Piraino-Buko to one of the boards or in some other capacity in town government. Why is this rather scandalous? Well, Ms. Piraino-Buko has a history of deception.  Ms. Piraino-Buko,  a BFF of Joanne Lown, was elected to represent the 4th Road, listing an address on Cardinal Road. However, she was actually residing with her boyfriend on Ash Lane which is in the 1st Ward. This information can be verified through any address verification service online.   Under threat of revelation of her deception, she resigned from her position of 4th Ward Councilwoman rather abruptly and left Board Members Metz and Kampf to do damage control (notice the resignation effective date occured PRIOR to the date Pompey Delafield received the notice of moving).

Many may remember Ms. Piraino-Buko from her presence at the town board meeting of the Summer of 2010 and her attempts of criticizing the Town Board when her BFF's position as bookkeeper was eliminated. The famous town theif wrote the following in the July 14, 2010 edition of his paper:
Many residents questioned why Lown was fired for cutting a check that was a ctually approved and signed by then Supervisor Pompey Delafield and two other board members. Scores of repulsed residents unloaded on the board, including Sharon Piraino- Buko, who criticized the board members for never having contributed anything to the town prior to being elected. “None of you have ever even done any volunteer work for the town,” Piraino- Buko said.
Won't Ms. Pirano-Buko be shocked to learn that yes, the Town Board members have and do actively volunteer with various groups. Mr Athanas and Mr. Monks both volunteer with veterns programs, Mr. Monks with Meals on Wheels, Mr. Athanas with the Farmer's Market and Leaf Pick-up and Mr. Martino has volunteered his time with coaching Little League and the Hyde Park Lacrosse Club.

The appointment of a woman who not only has a history of fraud and deception but does not CHECK her facts before making frivilous accusations is not only a poor decision but dangerous one as well (and that she is BFF's with an unsavory character such as Joanne Lown speaks volume).

Let's see Sharon in action. She has to remind the Town Board members that they work for the her (a liar and fraud), Michael Dupree (Mr. Moneybags), John Bickford (the smartest two men in Hyde Park) and Jim Langan (liar, thief and deadbeat).  All of her associates that are mentioned are for lack of a better word...damaged goods. She states that she won't vote for anyone who doesn't volunteer for the town. I think it would be more appropriate not to vote for someone who lies and engages in fraud to further their own agenda.

For all of those versed in Italian slang, this woman's a real cavone. And Aileen wants to bring this woman into her adminstration. Talk about a NON class act.