By the HV News Lies Staff

Jim Langan’s relationship with John Golden has become  common knowledge as of late. Jim Langan’s perception of himself is that he has  become John Golden’s official biographer. We at the Hudson Valley News Lies are  of the belief that Jim Langan is receiving financial support from John Golden  for writing this must have biography. 

As part of Langan’s acceptance of Golden’s financial  aid, Langan must not report any news items that may cast a tarnish on the all  Democrat Hyde Park Town Board. This also includes Highway Superintendent Walt  Doyle. 

If Langan wanted a real scoop, he should’ve reported  the current mess that the Rohr administration has created for itself which  includes charges of extortion and fraud. All Langan had to do was travel no  further that the Dutchess County clerk’s office to retain a copy of the lawsuit  that the Town of Hyde Park and Steve Costa are now engaged in. Those who  attempted to extort money from Costa are Supervisor Aileen Rohr, 4th  Ward Councilman Ken Schneider and Walt Doyle at a January 3, 2012 meeting. We do  look forward to the federal authorities investigating this matter once the civil  case is resolved.Langan should be  taking this town board to task. These are the same individual who used that worn  out buzz word, “transparency” in their campaign promises. All that the Town of  Hyde Park has received from this gang of five is a tapestry of lies. 

Langan will not report this in his so-called  newspaper because he knows that he will lose financial support from John Golden  who it is rumored dumps major bucks into the town’s Democratic Party. Let’s alsonot forget that Golden is a big supporter of Walt Doyle. In 2009, Walt Doyle  openly lobbied for the Democratic nomination for Highway Supt.. We refer to the  same Walt Doyle who received the Hyde Park Republican’s committee formerly  prestigious Angelo Canale Award,  formerly given to a Republican who made major contributions to the Hyde Park  Republican committee and its mission. 

Let’s not forget that Walt Doyle posed for campaign photos with former Democratic  supervisor Pompey Delafield and did in fact cast the Republican the election 
according to top party members. We would also like to mention that John Golden  and Michael Dupree, the de facto Hyde Park Democratic Party chairman, attended  the formerly prestigious award dinner which had been exclusively limited to  Republicans. This clearly demonstrated as to the nadir of what the Hyde Park  Republicans have allowed themselves to become.

To believe that Langan would actually report the  truth about the fraud and extortion charges that are pending against Rohr,  Schneider and Doyle is quite a reach. Why? We belive that John Golden will not  allow it, and who will pay Langan’s  bills?