Mr. Langan has had some problems in the past with paying his taxes. Coincidently, it was roughly around the same time that his time as the 'Executive Producer' (in actuality writer) was abruptly ended when the Morton Downey Jr. Show was cancelled. According to record, James K. Langan has been served with tax liens per the below:

03-26-91 NYS Court  Judgement/State Lien $12,868 Case No. 43086/90

11-01-90 Manhattan Civil Court/State Lien $ 12,848 Case No. 00004308690/Suit Filed 08-01-90 $13,408 Civil Suit

Too bad James Kennedy Langan didn't save that $18,000 he stole in forged checks from his clients in 1980. He could have used it to pay his taxes in 1990.