The following was received as a comment:

An Open Letter to
  Councilwoman Sue Serino of the Hyde Park Town Board

In the fall of 2009
I answered a knock at my front door and found you and Supervisor candidate Tom
Martino standing on my front steps asking for my support on election day. One of
the issues that was discussed with me was a recently passed Water Resource
Protection law by the Delafield administration which you and Martino claimed
would discourage much needed commercial growth in our community. You clearly
stated to me along with Martino that you would vote to repeal this law which you
felt was an infringement on the rights of property owner to develop their
property and also restricted the rights of homeowners. Based on that
conversation, I along with my spouse and our children voted for you. Shortly
after taking office, you reneged on your promise to vote yes on the repeal of
this “oppressive” law as you and Martino described it. You betrayed those who
had voted for you. In short, you lied.

Since then my spouse
and myself have followed you somewhat less than illustrious term on the town
board. If you recall, based upon your campaign promises, you were elected to
represent ALL the voters in Ward 2, not the special interest groups. It remains
a mystery to us as to who you really do or did represent during your time on the
town board. It also mystifies many as to what you actually did on the town board
other than to take up space at meeting and complain about anything and

We are quite aware
of your ineptness as a member of our town board. As lifelong residents of Hyde
Park, we have never witnessed any town board member who has behaved is such a
rude manner at town board meetings. Just who is it who texts you during board
meetings? Obviously, you cannot think for yourself. During the budget meetings
you truly revealed that you are an incompetent. At one meeting you claimed that
you did not have a copy of the budget. We did find it both amusing and pathetic
that it was under your elbow the whole time. Go to the tape Sue.

During your time on
the town board you did not propose one piece of legislation. You recently
claimed that your time on the town board prepared you to “scrutinize” a budget.
It was quite apparent that you didn’t even know what a budget looked like. If
you are able to recall, you mistook the budget copy that was provided you for an
arm rest.

It is rather
disturbing that you have condemned the other four board members who did indeed
keep their campaign promises. By your words and actions you have brought
disgrace upon yourself and this community.

In conclusion, the
town board is truly fortunate for you to be“moving on” to the county legislature
where you can tell your colleagues how ill-treated you were by the Hyde Park
Town Board. We do recall your “Gutless Wonder” diatribe, which at this point is
somewhat amusing. The only gutless wonder that we have seen on the town board is
someone who did not keep their campaign promises and did in fact take orders
from the party bosses and the special interest groups-and that gutless wonder is
you, Sue Serino.

Name withheld by


Weasel: to evade an obligation, duty, or the like; renege (often followed by out ):  to use weasel words; be ambiguous; mislead.

Notice the resemblance in the headshots between Mr. Im A. Weasal and Ms. Sue Serino down to their little beady eyes and the fluffiness of their hairstyles. They even share similiar backgrounds.

Not only do they share similarities in appearance but also share charachter traits as well. As per the definition of the use of the word in descriptive terms, if you've read through this site and watched the videos posted, Ms. Serino certainly fits the description of a Weasel. Ms. Serino has been known to evade many of her obligations in regards to her duties as a councilwoman.  She has also leaked confidential documents and information to none other than her media benefactor and puppeteer (who coincidentially is a weasel and thief himself) Jim Langan.

Her latest weaselly move? Charles Broe, the current police chief submitted his resignation this afternoon. According to sources, it was received by the Town Clerk who then notified the Town Board members...and pop goes the weasel. The information of Charles Broe's resignation was then posted on the HV News facebook page at 3:04 pm, only minutes after the town board members received the information according to sources.

Considering Sue Serino is the ONLY town board member that will speak to Jim Langan, it can therefor be concluded that as she has done before, she provided him with this information. On a side note Ms. Serino is also part of the same club that Mr. Langan and Mr. Kakish are part of, the Deadbeat Club, having judgements under her current and previously used surnames.

As one that is privy to sensitive and confidential information, Ms. Serino has demonstrated that she cannot be trusted given the countless times she has released such information but made blatant lies to the public as well.

It should be mentioned that on the HV News website
The Langans deemed it appropriate to coin the recent tradegy of the Doyle family as "Holiday Horror." and publishing the address and photo of the home for all the curiousity seekers to gawk at. Imagine reading about the death of your friend, family member or co-worker and the circumstances their family is experiencing described as such.

Is capitializing the  tragedy that a family has recently suffered really worth $1?  The Langans should be ashamed of themselves.

Perhaps if they really want to create a sensation via their "so-called" paper they should announce that they are leaving town...forever.