Information was presented that suggested that the host of the Republican Meet and Greet being held today was the subject of numerous zoning board and board of health violations as well as a substatial history of litegations. I am attempting to confirm the allegation of zoning and BOH violations, but was able to confirm that Mr.Goswald Hughes, who is also the owner of Goswald Hughes Development Corp has had a history of numerous judgements against both himself and his business, which include deliquent taxes and consolidated liens.

In addition, Mr. Goswald Hughes is not listed as a registered Republican voter as of the voter rolls in 2009. The current rolls are in the process of being verified.

Suprisingly, Mr. Hughes, a visiting professor at Marist, a published author of Organic Capitalism with a listing of numerous affiliations and an MBA would have be in circumstances of Zoning Board Violations, BOE Violations, delinquency on his taxes and the defendant in numerous lawsuits.
I also looked into the property itself located at 537 Creek Road. It was and has served as a rental throughout the various years as Mr. Hughes was not living in the area, employed as visiting professors throughout the state of New York at various colleges. Now it is currently on the market.

The following link provides a description but fails to list if the home is divided into a multi-family dwelling as there are tenants residing there.

The home had an electrical fire within the last year and was responded to by the Roosevelt fire company per their call list posted on their website as follows:

Small Electrical Fire Thu. Dec 16th 2010

At around 8:30pm this evening a call for a reported possible electrical fire in a residence was dispatched for all 3 Roosevelt Companies to respond to at 537 Creek Road.  On arrival of initial units,  they determined they had a small fire in the wall at an electrical outlet box and the fire was quickly extinguished with a ABC Dry Chemical extinguisher.
Crews checked for extension and determined that no fire had extended past the outlet and box. Minor structural damage and smoke damage were the only results to the structure.
Crews were cleared and returned to service by 8:45pm. Thankfully a tenant realized the problem early and called 911

However, the house is actually a 'project'. Mr. Goswald Hughes serves at the Chairman of New Energy Zero and this house was featured on the website:

The description touts: 'These houses are part of a revolution in building design'  Revolution with electrical fires.

Many should be curious as to the faux pas made by the Hyde Park Republican Party. It seems that you have to be in the Litigation Club or have some other mark on your character these days to be a part of the 'elite' clique.