The writers at the HV News Lies would like to respond to the following comment that goes by the name of 'Larry' in which this individual wrote the following:

As expected a bunch of angry comments from the disgruntled Hyde Park nutjobs. Pretty embarrasing that your time is spent focused on creating this hate campaign. Get a job. Get a life. Find something better do with your time. Or keep at it--seems very productive to spend your time bashing a bunch of barely paid local town board members. Who cares????

The writers here respond with the following:

1) Why is it embarrassing that the writers are concerned with the politics at the local level and feel it necessary to take on a watchdog approach to publish public documents that contradict the claims of the local politicians and expose questionable behaviors and actions. Many people follow politics on the state and national level, but many fail to follow the administrative decisions that impact them most directly.  Property taxes, school taxes, commercial growth, local roads and highways and recreational activities are just a small list of what is generated at the local level. 

2) These 'barely paid local town board members' are the individuals that oversee and create legislation for the above listed examples. The writers do care about the decisions that are made at the local level and when a questionable statement or decision is identified, feel it necessary to educate the readers in regards to these decisions that most impact them.

3) If 'Larry' does not like what's published on this website, then 'Larry' doesn't have to visit and read this site. While we do respect that 'Larry' is entitled to his opinion, if he regards the contents of this site as stupid or dumb, he could find better uses of his time rather than visiting this site and wasting his time reading it and commenting on blogs.


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