Warren Replansky has made numerous faux pas as the town attorney, which is justified in that he does not specialize in municipal law, but rather land use law. Given the statements he has made that are incorrect, it is no wonder why Aileen Rohr chose him to represent the town.  She has made NUMEROUS statements that were proved false (ex. the CIA and the PILOT program, the 'government sponsered tenants and her request to have the town address the issue of the Ledges). It appears that Aileen operates on her own seperate plane of consciousness, no doubt aided by the rumors that are circulating that she is fond of the mary jane.

Mr. Replansky made a statement at the March 12, 2012 meeting indicating that the local law that introduced the stop signs on Franklin Rd was not filed and he could not find it. Perhaps Mr. Replansky should turn on his computer on and become familiar with the town code that is available on the Hyde Park website.  The writers at the HV News Lies have provided a link that should he read this blog, he can be directed to the town code. Study up Warren.

The writers at the HV News Lies were able to locate the local law, in Section 104-16. Mr. Resplansky also made mention at a prior meeting that the stop signs had been passed by resolution, which is incorrect.

It should also be noted that perhaps the reason why Aileen Rohr and Warren Replansky were so defensive in regards to the cost to  the Costa lawsuit could be that Mr. Replansky is representing the town in prosecuting this case...which means that he gets paid by the hour and he could be racking up money  in the tune of thousands.

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